Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zipper Woes

So here are the “finished” insides of the Ceil Chapman dress.  And thank you to everyone for your support and suggestions regarding the zipper.  Although I am dreading it, I have decided that the zipper is going to have to come out.

And I thought I was begin so smart and careful with my construction . . .

I managed to zip my skin into a metal zipper during the construction of this dress (not fun, by the way), so I brilliantly decided to spare myself any more scars by adding a length of grosgrain as a shield, which also saves cold metal from touching the skin.

My first experience with a mangled invisible zipper (that one was plastic) was with this dress.  In the end, the offending item was removed, and I inserted my first lapped zipper.  The experience was not as dreadful as anticipated, so hopefully that will be the case with this dress.

I expect the strips of organza that were used to stabilize the opening edges will, in fact, help me unpick all of the tiny backstitches that hold the zipper in place.  The waist stay will remain, since it does not interfere with the center back opening.  

The weather has been so beautiful these past few days, working with wool feels wrong, but I am hoping that tackling a more successful project will get me motivated to finish this one.  Because there sure is something about having to make repairs to a "finished" garment that makes me want to run and hide - I really need to get over that!


  1. I can't wait to see this one but I agree, when something's done it's like pulling teeth for me to do any alterations or repairs. I've already moved on!!

  2. Looks beautiful, though!

  3. Yes I think it is a universal loathing, once something is finished. Usually I think such items spend their lives in the closet waiting for the momentum, so kudos for tackling it. Something like getting right back on the horse!

  4. I have a basket with garments that need small repairs. It never gets done...
    The dress looks great and I am looking forward to see the result on you :)

  5. What a shame about the zip, as it's a beautiful dress. I also find it hard to revisit projects once they are off the sewing table. My mind has already moved on to the next challenge! You are not alone, but please pick this one back up! ;)

  6. In my experience, these kinds of repairs rarely take as long as we fear they might. Can't wait to see the finished dress on you!

  7. If anyone can fix this successfully, it is you! And I think Peter may be right - hopefully it will not take as long as you might imagine. Sometimes just starting is the hardest part.