Thursday, January 31, 2019

New Vogue Patterns for Spring 2019

New Spring Vogue Patterns were released last week, and there are no new Vintage Vogue patterns to tempt me; disappointing, but really, I have stacks of them waiting to be used, so I shouldn't complain.

Vogue 9355 was the teaser that was shown on the McCall Patterns instagram account for the week prior to the release.  I do like this, although, on the model, the off-the-shoulder treatment for view A and B is not very flattering on the arm.  It also looks rather restrictive.  I see that there is a sleeved version included, although they look a bit dowdy when compared to the rest of the design.  The look is classic and I am tempted, but I believe I will wait for some real life versions to appear before purchasing this.
The other design that caught my eye is Vogue 9357.  I adore the oversized pockets and the bodice detailing.  I think this design has a whole lot of potential!

The made up version this jacket had me skipping right past, but upon closer inspection (always make sure to look at the technical drawings!!) those lantern sleeves are fabulous.  This is actually quite a nice 1950s swing jacket silhouette with welt pockets, a wonderful collar, and those sleeves!!  Did I mention I love those sleeves?!
So, nothing I am dying to start sewing immediately, but there are a few goodies to be found.  Do you have any few favorites?


  1. Vogue 9357 looks like it would make a great colorway. For a Star Trek NG bounding black on top triangle sides and bottom and color in the center.

  2. I almost passed over V9328. The illustration didn't do it justice, but the line drawings caught my eye. And I really liked Paco Peralta's version of Gaucho pants. The duster has possibilities too.