Monday, July 13, 2020

Pink & Turquoise Funfetti

Well, I thought I was on a roll there, getting nice and caught up with the blogging situation, but I lost my forward momentum.

So, while the colors of this dress are quite suitable for the Summer season, I actually completed this dress last Fall.  I even got around to taking timely photos (you may notice some Fall foliage in some of the pictures).  Then the images sat around and new sewing projects beckoned, and the folder got buried on the computer and I forgot about them.  But I never forgot the dress!

As I mentioned in this post, I finally got around to playing with one of those multi-sleeve patterns.  

I have long bemoaned the fact that sleeves are so very boring these days, and those wonderful patterns from the Thirties and Forties with five or six different and scrumptious sleeve options in one pattern envelope have intrigued me for years.

Well, Simplicity reissued two of them.  And while I hope to someday tackle each and every one of them, I had to start somewhere.  This tied wrist sleeve option is far from the most interesting, but I felt it worked nicely with Simplicity 8248 and my choice of fabric.

The starting point of this entire project, however, was my shoes.  The Cora Sandals were purchased without a thought as to what I would pair them with - I just had to have them.  It turns out they go with a whole bunch of things in my closet, but while rummaging through my rayon stash, I happened upon this confetti fabric which was a perfect match!  The only question was which pattern to use.

There are a few silhouettes which I am repeatedly drawn to, usually from the 1950s and 1940s.  I have branched out into a 1960s silhouette in the last few years and found that I really love that petticoat floof that comes right out of the waistband and mushrooms into a very full skirt.  But I also have a made a few dresses with a 1930s silhouette and the streamlined look is pretty great, too.  And I do love tea length!

And that is the story of this frock.

I happen to have a few other pairs of shoes that deserve a dress made especially for them, so I should get to work on that!

Dress & Belt:  Made by me, Simplicity 8248 & Simplicity 8695
Shoes:  Royal Vintage "Cora" Sandals