Saturday, November 23, 2019

Rayon Confetti

As soon as I saw the Simplicity multi sleeve patterns that were released as vintage reproductions, I knew that I would have to come up with a project to utilize them.  It took me some time, but I finally decided to pair one lovely sleeve option with another recent vintage reproduction, Simplicity 8248.

I should have taken more pictures of the process of grafting in the alternate sleeve, but I was distracted and forgot to document that portion of the project.  Basically, the multi sleeve pattern includes a generic bodice front and back which fit with the sleeve draft.  And while the armscye of the dress pattern (taking into account the yoke and bodice seam allowances) did not match the sleeve pattern bodice piece, it was close.  I was not going to be bothered with redrafting the small differences on my dress pattern, and I figured that the drapey rayon would be forgiving.

And luckily, I was correct.  The pieces went together quite smoothly.  If they do not match up, you would have to alter your bodice armscye to match the generic bodice pieces that go with the sleeve pattern.  It's not difficult, but it does add an extra step of tracing pattern pieces and melding them together.

The rayon was a purchase from Craftsy a few years back.  It was more lightweight than expected once I got it in my hands, but it works nicely for this dress.  And I just love the color palette!

I decided that I wanted to use the pattern envelope styling and have a contrasting fabric for the collar edge, pocket edges, and belt to break up that crazy color explosion.

Thankfully, I found a pink rayon satin stashed away that worked.  It is not an exact match to the pink in the print, but the two different fabrics compliment each other very well (and not having to purchase anything new for a project is always nice).  And I just may have re-discovered my love of a 1930s silhouette!


  1. beautiful make - and wonderful finishes

  2. A belt the color of Teaberry gum, her hair piled high; Laura Mae steps out of her Rambler American, hands the key to the valet, and tastefully joins another function. Knowing her style alone makes any seat she sits in a dais, Laura Mae is certain to utilize enough of an arm gesture that the sleeve's charm is not only on full display, but will have many "cousins" at the next gathering. A style-maker's work is never done.

  3. My, this is lovely. The colours are gorgeous, and the pink contrast sets the whole thing off perfectly.