Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holiday Patterns

It feels like I have not posted here in months, but I am slowly getting back in the swing of things.  I have not touched a sewing machine in almost three weeks (which feels bizarre), but there has been some knitting and hand sewing.  One of these days I will cut into a new pattern, and who knows, it may be one of these . . . 

Butterick 6286

The Holiday Butterick Collection has something for everyone, including some new vintage reproductions.  And they actually have some interesting style lines!  Now if only those hats were included, I would be a very happy girl.  It has been far too long since there has been a vintage hat pattern released.  Hint, hint!

Butterick 6286

The sewn version of this suit is very unfortunate looking on the model, but with proper fitting and some tailoring, I think it has some real possibilities.  Of course, finding three suitable fabrics might prove to be a challenge.

Butterick 6282

This dress reminds me of Vintage Vogue 9127 but with a little less finesse.  The upper pockets throw off the proportions for me, but this one has potential as well.  

Butterick 6282

The blouse and skirt combo from Gertie is cute. Having her model the designs was an excellent idea - she looks so much better than the other model, and the clothing actually fits.

Butterick 6285

The Gertie dress reminds me of this Butterick pattern, although this one has cut-in-one sleeves and I think I spy gussets in the line drawing.

I am pleased to see some new Retro patterns from Simplicity as well.  I love the dress, although it is a massive fabric hog.  Then again, most of my favorite silhouettes are as well.

The 1970s skirt is cute, although nothing jaw dropping.  But since I cannot recall having a button front gored skirt in my pattern stash, I am probably going to add this one to my collection.

These designs are slightly more complicated and interesting than the recent 1960s sun dresses that were released this past year, so hopefully Simplicity will continue to search their archives for more interesting styles.

 And as soon as I find some appropriate fabric, I want to add this 1960s dress to my closet!

What I will not be able to handle is a Retro pattern from the 1980s, although I suppose it may come to that soon enough.  Yikes!

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Pennsylvania 6-5000"

I will be traveling to Warrington, PA (Bucks County) to help with some family stuff for a couple of weeks beginning next Tuesday.  I am not going to have much free time, but if there is a museum or event that is too fantastic to miss, I plan on sneaking away for a day.  

If you are a local and know of any small but fabulous fabric stores or a vendor with an amazing stash of vintage buttons, etc. I would love to be apprised of the situation! 

New York is a possibility, but my time will be extremely limited.  So are there any costume or textile exhibits that just cannot be missed?  Enquiring minds want to know!

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