Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Linen in November

The weather feels between-seasons these days; it is quite warm during daylight hours, but gets too chilly after the sun goes down to be without some kind of cover-up.

And while I do not think of linen as especially suited to Fall, this jacket was just the thing to throw over a skirt and blouse for an evening out.

Yet another unfinished project I finally got around to completing!

I wonder how many others I have laying around, or tucked away so they don’t make me feel guilty . . . 

Perhaps I should continue this trend, and look for another.

Or maybe I would rather sink my teeth into something completely new.

For the moment, I am going to postpone that decision, pull out my knitting needles, and make myself a cup of tea.  The couch and a snuggly Chihuahua are calling . . .

Jacket:  Made by me, Spearmint
Blouse:  Made by me, Simplicity 1692
Skirt:  Made by me, Simplicity1644
Shoes:  Naturalizer

[The fabric for this project was received in exchange for my contributions as a Britex Guest Blogger.]


  1. Very pretty - the collar is perfect!!

  2. As always, you finished a very pretty garment Laura.

  3. Lovely! Great workwomanship too!

  4. I love your coat! I've been thinking about making myself something similar but I'm afraid it'll be a bit impractical in my climate. But yours is perfect! I love how much work and effort you put into each of your project, it's really impressive.

  5. Very nice - I love the color. It's season-less. And the coat looks perfect for this year's bay area fall. :)

    What does the lining look like?

  6. What a great coat, amazing colour. And I love this cascading collar, beautiful!

  7. It looks great on you!

  8. Absolutely lovely as always. If you're taking requests I would love to see you model your beautiful Anna dress :)

  9. Splendidly beautiful outfit! I love a bold red coat like that. It's equal parts chic and fun!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I love your dress, and especially love that shoes :)