Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fields of Poppies

Last week's weather was perfect for cotton summer dresses.  And I had just the thing to wear - my new poppy print dress!

The bodice came out a bit roomier than I was expecting (the pattern envelope should have been my first clue).  But it is quite comfortable to wear, so I am going to leave it as-is.

The elastic pieces in the sleeves and the waist-stay make the dress stay in place which is the most important thing!  There is always a fine line for off-the-shoulder dresses . . . too tight at the neckline and you can't move your arms, too loose and the thing falls down to your waist.

I left the pleats soft, instead of ironing them down the entire length of the skirt as the pattern suggests, which I felt would be too severe for this print.

And yes, the design includes pockets, which is probably a huge selling point for many people.  

They are wonderful for taking photos, but other than that, I rarely find a use for them in lightweight frocks.  Anything of significant weight placed in the pocket is going to pull the skirt out of shape, which is not a good look.

If I make this dress again, I would eliminate them to save on fabric.  I have been wearing dresses for many, many years now, and should know that I will never end up using dress pockets.  Or maybe I should stop carrying so much stuff around so they would actually be useful!  

With or without pockets, I am going to call this dress a success!

Dress:  Made by me, Butterick 6129
Shoes:  Jennifer Moore


  1. Yes, it's terrific, but not even a single twirl?

    1. Unfortunately, there is not enough fabric in the skirt for twirling . . .

  2. Lovely dress, I've just ordered some poppy fabric! I completely agree with you about pockets, I can't really see the point and they often spoil the seam line (especially if you want to french seam).

  3. Very cute. I like pockets because they give me somewhere to put my hands if I feel nervous when talking to people.

  4. Very pretty and perfect for spring!

  5. This is right up my street! This is a great material and a great fit on you. That's a pretty good Butterick pattern there, the options on it are good. I agree with you, pockets are for posing purposes only.
    You must feel fantastic when you wear this, great job!

  6. Beautiful! You sew so many lovely inspiring dresses.

  7. That's truly lovely. You should use that pattern again!

  8. Really, really beautiful dress. I love seeing poppies on a spring/summer garment. So often one only thinks of them for November due to their poignant connection to Nov. 11th, but they can - and should - see wardrobe play all year round, IMO.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. What a lovely dress :) Really like the bodice on this one.

  10. Oh, that's great, it really suits you. I love pockets even though they are a bit of an indulgence, given the chance I tend to add them. I had never really considered doing an off the shoulder like this although a gypsy style is on my list.

  11. How pretty, it makes me want a high tea! I find that too with pockets, everyone's going gaga over them but I find in dresses they just sit there unused and make my hips look big...

  12. That fabric is just so amazing - you did a fantastic job and I am sooo jealous of how good you look!

  13. You are looking quite "Amy Adams" in this post, or maybe she looks like you! :o)

    I guess I'm in the minority here on the pockets discussion...I rather like them in my skirts and dresses. Although, I admit I have considered only putting one pocket in to save on fabric/time since only one usually gets used. As for what goes in earrings when I'm running late out the door and need to put them on in the car as Hubby drives. :o) I have also tucked in a handy hanky on occasion. And most of hands, it's nice to have somewhere to put them when waiting on stage in between songs. :o) I do have to be careful though, I once "lost" a valuable piece of jewelry for over a year because I had slipped it into my dress pocket on the way home.


  14. Thank you for your info and the lovely photos. My young teen daughter wants this for formal in May and I've worked on a toile for 2 weeks. Once fit and on, when she extends her arms forward, the bust line pushes out into a large "bowl." I can't tell a teenager not to move her arms! I think the sleeves are pulling everything with them. I did elasticize the back as you did all around for the purple example. Like you I added boning, plus bra cups so she would not have to trouble with a strapless bra. Maybe the structure added to the problem. If you have advice I would be most eager to try it. I am considering just making it strapless and creating sleeves that are almost merely armbands, connected at the bottom of the armscye only. Seems odd but I am trying to overcome the geometry in my mind. I am not a beginner, but this design has truly humbled me. Thanks - Elizabeth