Friday, June 5, 2015

Les Chapeaux

Every once in a while I give myself a challenge:  complete a project using items currently stashed away in the sewing room, no exceptions.  Looking at the amount of sewing stuff in that room, it should be easy.  And yet, there always seems to be something missing . . . the proper zipper, the right sized buttons, interfacing, etc.  But this time I was determined to find a project that would work.

I go through phases with my hair.  For years, I would incorporate a ribbon into my up-dos.  Then I went through a flower phase.  And a few years ago, I wore small hats and fascinators all the time.  A hat is an excellent way to use up smaller scraps of fabric, which made it an excellent candidate for my challenge.  

My time would probably be better spend cleaning up in the sewing room – but a new project is so much more interesting!  And I have been meaning to try this pattern for years.

So out came some leftover blue velvet (previously used to make a belt and another hat), green rayon satin from this dress, and white satin remnants from this blouse.

I was unable to find a sufficient amount of black cotton to underline the velvet, which explains the odd choice of red.  Because remember, there are no new purchases allowed for this project!

A roll of buckram was found, and the bead box was pulled out and rummaged through to find suitable wire for the rim.

The most irritating part of the project was working with the wire - I really need more practice with how to handle it.

There is a whole lot of hand sewing involved, some of which was enjoyable, some not quite as pleasant.  (Stitching through multiple layers of buckram, cotton, and velvet . . . not so much . . . but the rayon satin is heaven.)

The most wonderful part of the process, of course, is the decoration.  Which means I accomplished my goal - a new hat from old supplies!  And a reminder to pull out my hat boxes more often! 


  1. Amazing! Hat-making is something I have never tried and know nothing about. This is really work of art.

  2. That's a lovely hat! I used view C of the same pattern for a hat for my wedding :)

  3. Oooooooh! Lovely! I missed this pattern, and spent the better part of this morning mooning over it online. I am taking a hat making class this summer, and since I don't know what tuition is going to be, I guess I ought to spend on that, rather than another hat patttern. For now.

    What weight wire?

  4. "The Laura Mae Network" can not be far off.

    Taste, talent, and terrific sense of "What's next?".

  5. Laura, this is so incredibly beautiful. What a creative, elegant chapeau. It sings with the spirit of the past to no end.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Do you ever sleep? Your roses are beautiful! (I still think you have elves that work all night to help you finish stuff).

  7. I spent all night wanting to make a lovely hat, and here you've gone and done it. It looks amazing!! Excellent job!

  8. Beautiful! Your roses remind me of those my grandmother used to make with ribbon.

  9. That's so beautiful! I need to find that pattern- I have lots of small bits of fancy fabrics.

  10. Beautiful hat. Those roses are gorgeous.

  11. What will you wear it with? It's a gorgeous hat!