Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Vogue Designs

The new Fall Vogue Patterns are here . . . but there are no new Vintage Vogue designs.  Boo.  Hiss.  I know the Vintage Vogue collection is not included in every pattern release, but I really do look forward to seeing those designs.  And I was expecting at least one new design after reading the latest blog post from the company.  Perhaps the sales in this category are not doing so well?

The recent news that Donna Karan designs are no longer being produced was also a huge disappointment for me.  The Donna Karan and DKNY patterns are pretty fantastic.  Even when they were not something that I would choose to wear, examining the line drawings and looking at how those crazy shaped pieces fit together is something I am really going to miss.  No matter how simple the silhouette looked, there was always a surprise in the drafting of those patterns.  I would guess that Ms. Karan was not a huge fan of the side seam, and it made for some very creative garments.

As for the actual offerings in this catalog . . . I am intrigued by this Bellville Sassoon design, not so much for the dress, but for the internal structure.  I will definitely be looking at the instructions on this one!

The design is definitely more modern looking than I usually go for, but I am often drawn to Tracy Reese designs, and this one is no different.  The seaming on the back midriff is really lovely, and I like the dropped waist, but I am not loving the epaulets.

I see some potential in Vogue 9201, although do I really need this pattern?  Probably not, but I do like those front pleats.

Now that I am exploring the world of knits, I am thinking about Vogue 9199 as a nice basic.  I could do without the hi-low hemline, but that is an easy alteration.

And every year I think of making myself a few new slips for the colder months, but somehow, the pretty dresses are what end up on my sewing table.  Vogue 9218 may inspire me to finally make a slip.

So maybe there are a few designs here that I like - just nothing that is going to jump to the top of the list.  And I really hope that the Vintage Vogue line is not going to disappear anytime soon!


  1. I always like reading your opinions on the new pattern releases as you often spot details in patterns that I totally missed. Like you, the first two patterns in your review caught my eye and I actually quite like the Bellville Sassoon dress. I was disappointed as well that no vintage patterns were on offer. Maybe next time . . .

  2. Did you know that Donna Karan retired and new management took over the company? I'm thinking that's why they have to stop selling her patterns. I liked this collection because I could see some pieces made up a little less formally and I found a few patterns for my daughter. I'm going to make her a few work dresses to get those looks out of my head!

  3. Here's an interesting blog post about Donna Karan, she's started up a new company called Urban Zen. Fingers crossed the sewing patterns continue in her new guise. After all Donna Karan without Donna Karan ain't Donna Karan!

  4. Oh that Vogue 9201! Is amazing to me like the sleep wear also... Im also bummed about the Donna Karen and DKNY