Friday, December 29, 2017

A Different Sort of Color Palette

Here I am, still playing catch up with this year’s sewing projects.

Every once in a while, I find a rayon challis at JoAnns that suits my fancy - this was one of them.  Of course, it sat in a bag for a very long time before I decided exactly what to do with it.

And what I came up with was that I desperately needed another rayon Anna Dress since I love my blue floral version so very much.

This time around, I used a selvedge to stay the back neck edges that I cut on the bias.

I only interfaced the last one, and it has stretched a bit over time.

I hand picked an invisible zipper at center back, and lined the bodice instead of facing the neck and armhole edges.

Everything went together smoothly, although I did not get a perfect match at every seam where the bodice meets the skirt.  The floral print is quite busy and I don't know that anyone else would notice, but I just knew that it would drive me batty, so I put my seam ripper to work.

The skirt seams are french seamed, except for the center back with the zipper - you didn't think I was going to avoid using Hug Snug on a project, now did you?!

And for a final detail, I added lingerie guards at the shoulders.  The boat neckline sits a bit wide, which I really love, but it limits my bra choices, and this solves that problem.

And that's another Anna for the wardrobe.  I think this is my forth one!


  1. This print is gorgeous and it is perfect for the Anna dress.

  2. You Jo-Ann's is stocked by the same people who secretly switched Folger's coffee.

    Great dress; it'll take you from serious office conversation (with a side-lit close-up), to an evening "just dropping something off" quick catch-up at a friend's front door moment, then to a quiet reflective moment as you enter your own home - roll credits.

    Thought we might get the only review of all things 2017 which is worthwhile - yours.

    Enjoyed all you shared this year, looking forward to your take (and make) of all things 2018.

    A testy reader (or so I'm told)

  3. Beautiful! That is a lovely print and works so well with the pattern. It looks like this one will be a joy to wear. Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful print and lovely dress!