Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 Spring Vogues

Vogue's Spring Collection was released today, and my first thought is always . . . are there any new Vintage Vogues?!  After I realized that there are two new ones (hooray!), my next thought was, what they heck were they thinking with the fabric choices for the samples?  Thank goodness for line drawings, and those gorgeous illustrations!
What at first glance looks like a scary 1980s mother of the bride frock gone wrong, is actually a very lovely design.  Note to self:  those long bishop sleeves definitely work better in a sheer fabric when the bodice is not fitted.  Or perhaps I am just going to stick to the short sleeve option.  I do love that hat they put on the model, though - the shoe choice, not so much.

They have also included an adorable sketch of the back view.  What is it about vintage styled drawings that I love so much?!  It probably has something to do with the fact that I always wanted to be six feet tall, although this lady may be closer to seven feet.

Here is the second Vintage Vogue offering, and once again, the sample looks off.  I think part of the problem is that the width of that trim and the brightness of the white on the delicate fabric looks clunky.  And don't get me started on the gloves/shoes/belt combo.  

But after looking at the illustrations and the technical drawings, this one is really lovely.  It certainly isn't the most complex design option from the late 1930s, but there are some special touches here.  The neckline gathers, the sleeves, and the trim that ties in the adorable pockets have real potential if the trim works well with the fabric choice.

And just look at the illustration of the reverse view.  I love her hair!
I believe what I like most about this dress is the fabric.  How perfect do those stripes work together!  On the other hand, the line drawing does not look quite as flattering to me with that high surplice neckline.  But the model looks fantastic, so perhaps I will have to try this one out as well.  Ack - I was beginning to think my obsession with collecting dress patterns was under control . . . now I am not so sure . . .

As far as the contemporary designs go, I suppose it's no surprise that I am drawn to the one that could easily work as a 1960s piece.  And I rarely can resist a capelet!

Part of what draws me to Vogue 9292 has got to be that amazing red color.  I also like the princess seaming, although the flesh colored inset is somewhat off-putting.  It would be quite low cut, but I think this would work as a very bold evening look with a proper fit and a little bit of added structure in the bodice.

And while I would pass Vogue 9299 by in a second from the envelope alone, I actually like the checked version of this blouse.  The only thing is that I don't always like the way baggy items with an added tie belt fit my body.  I may have to skip this one for that very reason, although I am curious if the wide obi style belt might help with my fit issues.  If the side slit opening was lowered and the item worn as a dress, I could actually see myself wearing this.

I am also tempted by this bodysuit, although I am not sure I would ever wear it.  It definitely reminds me of vintage Donna Karan!  Under a circle skirt, this has real potential in my wardrobe.  Now I really need to find the time to open that serger box!

Do you have any plans for these new designs?

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  1. Unsolicited fortune cookie message #1:

    Be it an epiphany or a reckoning, the 80s will deal with you.

  2. Thanks for your review - I agree on all points!

  3. v9294 view b is the only one i like. Very boring collection this time and i'm bored with the crazy sleeve trend, it is so unpractical. how do you wear a coat or jacket on top of all that nonsense?

  4. Totally on the money. Vintage Vogue patterns are great, their choices of fabric and such for samples, super clunky. "Idacath" on Instagram wears vintage dresses like the patterns. All I could think was rolling thru her account for better ideas with those styles.