Thursday, October 11, 2018

2018 Holiday Vogue Patterns

Vogue released their new Winter/Holiday Collection this week, and as you can probably guess, I am most excited about the new Vintage Vogue design!
I love the line drawings on this one; the back, especially, is gorgeous.  This will definitely be added to my collection.  My only hesitation would be fabric choice.  I think this needs a solid color in order to fully appreciate the style lines, but I have a really difficult time finding solid colored fabrics that I like.  But I am up for the challenge!

I am also drawn to this Paco Peralta outfit.  It probably has a lot to do with the fabulous textured fabric, but this one has some definite possibilities.  I would almost want to extend the top into a dress.  Maybe?  Sounds like more work than I will probably want to do, but I love the look.
And do I need another shirt dress?  No, absolutely not.  But Vogue 9345 has so many different options.  The oversized sleeves are a bit much, in my opinion, but can you ever really have too many classic garments in the closet?  And this one has Dior darts, which I am fairly certain is different than my other shirtdress patterns.  The straight skirted version is also très chic with the pleats. Yep, I guess I need this one too!

I own a tiered ruffle skirt somewhat similar to the full length version of Vogue 9349 and I love it!  Which reminds me that I haven't worn it in a while, and I must remedy that situation.  My skirt has has an elastic waistband which I always ended up covering with a sweater, while this one is a wrap skirt.  I don't especially like yoked waistbands on my body, but I think I may have to try this pattern out.
This dress is part of Vogue 9351, one of the Vogue Wardrobe patterns, which includes a jacket, pants, a jumpsuit, and the dress. So, lots of bang for your buck.  I am drawn to the raglan sleeve, but I think the style lines may end up being a bit too "modern" for me.  This is one I am going to have to think about.  But I love how many different looks and neckline options are included here . . . very creative and that extra effort is very much appreciated.

This looked like any other halter neck dress at first glance . . .
But Vogue 9343 has a covered back and cut in shoulders.  So what I first thought looked rather boring turned out to be a wonderful surprise.  I certainly don't need another excuse to make a formal dress . . . but wouldn't this look amazing in a jewel toned velvet!

And I had to include this Badgley Mischka gown.  From the front, it looks like perfection . . . and then they cheapen the whole thing with oversized grommets?!?  I am sure this will be a popular pattern, but it looks like the designers felt the need to do something "different" and this is the best they could come up with.  I, for one, am not impressed.  I found this version of what appears to be the same dress, minus the gross grommets, with an added sheer sleeve.  I like that one better.  There is a boned bodice foundation included, so at least the construction methods are going to be good.  And I suppose I could also forego the back detail for a classic look . . .
So, not the most exciting pattern collection I have ever seen, but there is some good stuff to be found.  Do you have any new favorites?

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  1. No to grommets, unless the dress is being made of Sunbrella material.

    As for that Paco Peralta pattern, what happened to your quest for more separates? [I ask that more in the voice of Judy Woodruff, than Megan Kelly.]

    You've been very much the nesting creator of late, and who can blame ya. One wonders, before the weather turns, if you will venture out and regale us with "Laura Mae's visit to the new Britex location", or "A return to the DeYoung", for a more recent photo shoot, or even "An afternoon at Dharma"? Clearly the world beyond your lilac walls beckons.

    As for that first pattern, the back is a slam dunk, but the're not remaking a Miriam Hopkin's picture, so some Frankenpatterning may be in order.

  2. Thank you so much for your reviews, I really enjoy them. I don’t need any more patterns but the back of the vintage vogue is divine and the stying of the 9351 is interesting as well as the Dior dart in the shirtwaist. I am always on the look out for a detail I don’t have in my collection. So...thank you again.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the back view of the halter dress, I am quite interested in that one ;o)