Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas Birdies

After loving the way this year's Halloween dress and last year's Christmas dress turned out, I decided I wanted to make another Christmas garment using a novelty print.  And I found an adorable print!  I also decided I wanted to use bits of multiple patterns to create my perfect holiday dress.  But first, I would have to test the fit of at least the bodice portion of a new to me pattern, and make sure the sleeve modification I wanted to try would turn out as expected.

But instead of making a muslin, I decided to use a cotton print so I would hopefully end up with a wearable muslin.

Coincidentally, I picked up yet another cardinal print!  I definitely am drawn to prints that showcase these colorful birds.  And I wish they lived on the West Coast so I could see them for real.  But back to the sewing. . .

The first step was to combine the armscye of Vogue 8772 (the shirt pattern I wanted to use for my dress) with the dramatic sleeve of McCall 8358.  I did this the lazy way . . . just layering the two pattern pieces, one on top of the other, and cutting out the portions I needed.

And it worked!  I also decided that since I was using the fabric hogging sleeves, I would also go for the fabric hog that is a bias cut neck tie.  It's a little over the top, but I love it!

The major problem I ran into was my Bernina automatic buttonhole foot.  It has worked in the past, but I really have nothing but trouble with it.  And ironically, this was the feature that the woman at the store said I was going to love.  I snidely told her that I don't use machine buttonholes and much prefer a bound buttonhole.  My machine is now getting back at me for my snobbery.

I ended up pulling out another machine and doing the old fashioned, step by step, machine buttonhole.  They turned out okay, but having to wind a bobbin for a different machine was aggravating.  Should have stuck with a bound buttonhole.  Except this is a wearable muslin, so I didn't want to bother.  Grrrrrr.

In the end, I got through the buttonhole mess.

And I am pretty pleased with the outcome! Of course, I have run out of time for my holiday dress because I started quilting a skirt to match my new blouse . . . but that's a story for another day.  And there is always next year.


  1. So ya didn't tell us the source of the fabric, care to share?? Hmmm???

    And ya didn't identify this "other machine" - the very abruptly forgotten Mrs. White, per chance?? Hmmm????

    Quilting?? Is no form of fiber art beyond your ken?? Hmmmm????

    To the good; the blouse looks perfect, and it has every attribute your "reading Ladies Home Journal on the davenport" modeling persona will optimize with that knowing poise you muster with select garments.

    The dress version should be in a pale solid, perhaps a smart tertiary color you can carry off with those pink undertones and flawless complexion?? Hmmm???

    Oh, you had me at "on the bias", and your "lazy way", is simply an exercise in you turbo-charging your ingenuity.

    Since I'm so smitten, the least I can do is to dutifully visit, and help fend off the dreaded, "sewing blog comment section menace". Such are said to exist, but see, I've been so effective for so long, you have never had to suffer a one!


    The Helpful Other

  2. pretty blouse - love the bow. and wish I could see a cardinal, never have :) re: machine buttonholes, on the modern machine I have had better success with the one with the rounded ends instead of the square end, perhaps try that?

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