Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Corduroy & Crochet

Well, this outfit is far from Spring appropriate, but I am determined to get some of these older projects posted on the blog.  (I am beginning to sound like a broken record on that front.)

And this is an old one!

I recently pulled this out of a bag, in a very incomplete state.  And I decided that since I took all the trouble of crocheting my own trim and tea dying it, the dress deserved to be completed, whether or not it is my current style.

And then I thought about how perfect my Royal Vintage shoes would work with the dress, and it was a done deal.

This is a little bit removed from my standard style, but I do love the way it turned out.

And it was meant to be, since I didn't even have the pattern from which I borrowed the sleeve (McCalls 3730) when I first cut out the dress.  I found a drafted cuff cut out of paper in the bag with the abandoned dress, and I cannot recall what I was going to do for a sleeve, but this one worked out perfectly.

I did have to go back and cut out another collar since I didn't make the corresponding bodice alteration to that pattern piece.  I had already hand stitched the crochet piece on, so I carefully unpicked those stitches.  I had also used a thick Pellon interfacing that I really don't use anymore, so it was an opportunity to swap in something more appropriate (a leftover scrap of cotton).

This dress has actually made me want to make more 1960s inspired dresses for my wardrobe.  But until I find a pattern that will tempt me, I am trying to finish more of my in progress projects from years past.

That, and I never really wear mid-thigh length skirts without tights, and since warm weather has definitely arrived in the Bay Area, I will probably put off making short skirts for the time being.  But there are still plenty of creative things to do in the meantime.  I have been enjoying my knitting and crocheting very much lately, even with the warm temperatures . . . go figure!

Dress:  Made by me, Simplicity 9723 / McCalls 3730
Shoes:  Royal Vintage "Greta"
Earrings:  Kate Spade


  1. great make, the crochet trim really sets it off

  2. You had me at "tea dying".

    You had me at (slight breathy pause), "tea dying".

  3. Would love a close up shot of the crochet.

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