Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Rediscovered UFO

Back in March when everything started to lock-down due to Covid, I took the opportunity to find and finish a few of the many sewing projects that were abandoned over the years.  This jacket is one of them.

I believe this project was started soon after the pattern was released, which is copyrighted 2008.  That sounds about right.  I had leftover fabric from making myself a sun hat out of an upholstery remnant.  Coincidently, the hat was a massive success.  To this day, that hat gets a ton of love out on my morning walks with Tino when the weather is warm.  In the Winter, it's knit caps, and in the summer, it's floppy sun hats.

I recall being very excited about finding a use for the leftover pieces of upholstery weight fabric when this pattern came out.

All of the pieces were cut out except for the lining.  Which, now that I think about it, may have been the reason I ditched the project.  A couple of years ago, I picked up an entire roll of striped silk fabric at a garage sale, and I like the way it pairs with the striped upholstery fabric.  It's probably a little light weight for the outer fabric, but it works.

I also got lucky with my button stash.

At an estate sale, I picked up these buttons that have etched lines which work well with the stripes. 

My main issue with the pattern is that the construction does not allow for fitting until the jacket is almost complete.

It's not ideal, but since the style is quite roomy, there is some room for error.

It's not the most flattering style the world, but I really like a swing coat/a-line silhouette.  The jacket turned out quite well, and it will definitely come in handy on Spring mornings and evenings when I need a coverup for cotton dresses.  And, most importantly, I finished one more unfinished project!


  1. Love the stripes and doesn't feel good to finish a UFO?

  2. Tienes motivos para estar contenta ya que has conseguido terminar un antiguo proyecto y todavía mejor tener forro y botones sin tener que salir a comprarlos a propósito, además el modelo es bonito. BESICOS.