Sunday, August 15, 2021

Floral Challis Leftovers

If I had to choose something good that came out of 2020 as far as productivity goes, it was the amount of in progress projects that were completed, and being forced to use what was on hand (since dropping in at a local sewing store was impossible for a large portion of the year, and thereafter, not something I wanted to do very often).

After making a dress out of this rayon challis, I had a small amount of leftovers.  There wasn't very much there, and I had attempted to make a couple of tops over the years with the remnants, but even playing pattern tetris didn't work.  And then I came across Vogue 8736 in the pattern stash.  And miraculously, the short sleeved version fit onto my randomly shaped rayon pieces!

I used french seams where I could since the fabric is very lightweight.

There was also some rayon seam binding thrown in for good measure, namely for the armhole seams and facing edges.

And in the spirit of using what was on hand, I found these green buttons which are pretty much a perfect match to the green in the print.

This was a pretty quick pattern to put together.

I did take the extra time to mark my buttonholes with basting thread before using a vintage buttonholer.

Who am I?!?  Machine buttonholes on more than one project in a year?  I tell you, I no longer recognize myself in the mirror.  However, now that I have discovered hand worked buttonholes, the Greist buttonholer may have some vacation time coming.


  1. You have a knack for making something beautiful out of nothing and your handworked buttonholes are awesome.

  2. ¡¡Como me gusta ésa tela!! el colorido es preciosísimo y tu blusa una monada.
    Durante el tiempo de confinamiento y parte de la pandemia todas las costureras nos vimos obligadas a emplear los materiales que atesoramos en nuestros cuartos de costura y nos ha venido muy bien para darle uso a diferentes materiales y también nos hemos llevado alguna sorpresa al abrir cajas y bolsas.....

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  4. Laura Mae,

    You are ever resourceful, inventive, and stylish - and you can do it with scraps!

    Most impressive!

    Enjoying the cavalcade of all your creations.