Monday, December 5, 2022

A Cozy Coverup

It has recently come to my attention that I wear a lot of red.  I have always considered purples and greens to be my favorite colors, and I do love brights like fuchsia and turquoise.  But a quick peek inside of my closet and a look at the most recent items that I have made reveal a clear bias toward the color red.

So when I needed a coverup for this cotton dress, a red velveteen jacket seemed like a good addition to the closet.  Because there are probably a lot of other items that it will match.

After a minor snafu with the front facing pieces, the jacket came together nicely.

And while I don't think of sleeveless cotton dresses as particularly Winter appropriate garb, the color scheme and the addition of a bit of velveteen, topped with a velvet bow, of course, makes this look rather Christmasy to my eye.  

Or is that is just an excuse to post photos of a cotton summer dress in December!?

But perhaps the best thing about making this jacket is that I had very little trouble with the velveteen.  It almost makes me want to make something else out of the textile.

Or maybe I should go for broke and pull out some of that silk velvet that I have been avoiding for years.  And do I need more corduroy in my life?  Are there any other piled fabrics that require my attention?

But that leads to the question of which pattern to make, and there are so many other projects on the list.  And I should get started on my annual Christmas themed dress.

Or do I just wear this?!  

Ha!  It is highly unlikely that I will pass up the opportunity to make another novelty print with a holiday theme, but it's always an option.

Dress:  Made by me, McCalls 7667
Jacket:  Made by me, Brooklyn Jacket from Charm Patterns
Velvet Hair Bow:  Made by me
Necklace & Bracelet:  Vintage, from Mom
Earrings:  Vintage, gift
Shoes:  Miss L Fire


  1. I adore this outfit on you. As to pulling out the silk velvet: Velvet and velveteen are two very different animals. After wrestling with some yards of silk velvet for a relatively simple garment, I have sworn never to attempt sewing anything with that wriggly, slippery mess. I don't even enjoy wearing the finished object because of the sense memory of that ordeal. Velveteen is much better behaved.

  2. I am on the ‘sew the silk velvet’ team. You know it will be difficult. You know you will have to take time and care to get the end result you want. But you have the skills. You have the fabric.

  3. Wow! Beautifully done. Perfect dress pattern choice for large one way motifs requiring well-centered placement. I'm sure you get stopped by many who pay you compliments when you wear this.