Friday, December 29, 2023

Ribbon Candy Colored

This dress has reminded me that I need more plaid in my life.

Sure, it's a bit of a bother to work with, but the finished garment sure looks nice and festive!  And really, once everything is cut out, it's not too much of a pain so long as the fabric isn't super drapey.

I am still slightly grumpy about not having enough yardage to match every stripe (as much as that is possible), but looking at the photos, it really isn't hugely obvious unless you know what to look for.  And honestly, this dress looks quite good in comparison to most stripe/plaid matching that I see in mass manufactured garments.  Why are we so hard on ourselves when, with very few exceptions, something hand made is so far superior to something purchased in a store?!

And I am supremely pleased that I finally managed to make this fabric into a shirtdress.  I only wish every fabric was so clear about what it wanted to be.

Or perhaps what I really want is the time and focus to make every project that pops into my head without getting distracted by the next new shiny thing, be it a pattern or a length of fabric.

But then I remember an old pattern that I have made before, and I feel slightly guilty for ignoring the pile of new patterns waiting their turn.

I am currently in a place where I just finished one garment and am looking for the next project to dive into.  There is that black wool skirt that would be an excellent basic to add to the wardrobe and would pair well with dozens of things, or do I make another floral printed dress?  Or will I actually manage to get a coat made this Winter?  Sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming.  

Turns out, the lining that I thought I would have to purchase for the black skirt is unnecessary because I just found another length of black lining stashed with my interfacing.  Why did I put it there?  Unclear.  But it does mean that I already have everything that I need to make that skirt . . . so that may be my answer.

Or is it time to dive into a really complicated project?  Because I could use that kind of distraction . . . then again, that black wool is beckoning . . . or perhaps I should work on that sweater (Tino would certainly appreciate the lap time that comes with that choice).  And that may be the answer, right there!

Dress:  Made by me, McCalls 4769
Belt:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Kate Spade


  1. This dress is fabulous!!You are so right when you say that our handmade garments are far superior to ready made! All your thought processes on what to make next, what tugs and nags and declares itself to you I think, are universal to those of us who indulge in our passionate endeavors (hobby? maybe)'s always there calling, speaking, suggesting and shouting to us. Thank you for your willingness to share, your words are as poetic as your sartorial creations!

  2. Don't feel bad about the plaid matching. My mother tells a story about her first boss (back in the early 60s) who was a meticulous sewist. The garments she made were always as perfect as possible. She saved for years to buy a suit from some expensive brand that was known for it's "perfectly matched" plaid suits. She sent it back three times for not meeting her idea of perfect matching before giving up and going back to making her own.