Monday, March 4, 2024

Cabbage Roses on a Field of Velvet

I thought that a floral themed velvet was an appropriate outfit choice for a day at the Legion of Honor to see the Botticelli exhibit, and so the first outing for this dress just happened to be at a museum.

The day was rather gloomy with quite a bit of rain, but my Mom and I made the journey to San Francisco to spend the afternoon exploring the galleries.

My main reservation about this dress was the fiber content.  I am not a fan of polyester, and I avoid it as much as I can.  But I was stuck on the thought that this design would look great in a floral velvet, and since the pattern requires a knit fabric, it was impossible to find anything that fit the bill other than polyester.

I have been wearing a silk slip under this dress, so it minimizes the amount of polyester that I feel on my skin, and while I can't say whether it's this particular fabric, or the fact that I'm wearing an underlay, it's less plasticy than I was expecting.  So that's a relief.

As for the changes that I made to this version of Vogue 1907, they are minimal to the overall look, so anyone who has an eye for style lines would easily be able to tell that they are the same pattern.  But I do think playing around with the design was worth the extra effort.

The addition of the band that extends into a tie at center back stitched into the underbust seam works very well.

As for the sleeves, I shouldn't have shortened the length quite as much.  The shoulder seams sit slightly in, and the length of the pattern piece made me think that it was going to be extremely long.

That aside, the pointed sleeve hem does work.  The point has a tendency to rotate slightly toward the outside of my hand, so if I was to do this again, I might cheat the point a bit away from the center line.

But I think that I will leave it for now.

And I really do love the colors and the print, and the silhouette is really easy to wear . . . so overall, this was a successful project.

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 1907
Earrings:  Nicky Butler
Shoes:  Royal Vintage


  1. Lovely garment! Classic way to anchor the sleeve point is to make a thread loop that you wear around your middle finger ... presumes that the sleeve point goes all the way across your hand to that finger, though. Your solution of cheating the center should work just fine.

  2. Oh it looks lovely... very luxurious looking.