Monday, October 17, 2011

Eyelet Cardigan & Purple Gingham

I always have the same issues with my knit pieces.  By the time I finish the project, I am a bit tired of the darn thing, or the season has changed and there is no need for a sweater, or I cannot find the right buttons.  Often, I end up with a finished project that does not match any other clothing I own – seriously, it has happened quite a few times, and I still cannot understand how I manage it. 

I finished my Jenny Cardigan from Rowan Knitting Magazine 37 in early July but never got around to wearing it.  The yarn is a cotton/rayon blend and the summer has not been especially hot, so I have no excuse (other than the fact that I could not find anything I wanted to wear with it). 

The pattern calls for a ribbon to be woven through the neckband eyelets and tie in the front, but I like the option of wearing a cardi open or closed.  Because I did not want untied ribbon ends hanging when the sweater was unbuttoned, I changed it up and cut two pieces of ribbon and tied them at the center back.

I very rarely find buttons that match a finished project.  I have the same problem with fabric – I tend to choose colors that are impossible to find matching thread, zippers, and buttons.  But I have found a solution, at least for the buttons. BurdaStyle recently posted a blog entry about Dorset Buttons.  I am able to cover plastic rings with the yarn that I used for my sweater, ensuring that they will be a perfect match!

The dress is an oldie.  I happened to come across it hiding in the closet, and thought it would help get the cardigan out of the dresser drawer.  

The pattern is Vogue 9668, now out of print, but it looks like it is still available on the Vogue website.  

I have made two versions of the sleeveless/straight skirted view that I have not worn in a while . . . perhaps I will have to do something about that.

Dress: Vogue 9668
Cardigan:  Jenny  from Rowan 37 by Sarah Dallas
Earrings:  Ralph Lauren
Shoes:  Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret


  1. I to have that pattern, although as yet unmade. Yours looks lovely with the cardi, surely made for each other.

  2. Très joli modèle et très bien porté encore une fois !
    Bravo !