Friday, October 14, 2011

Leopard Print + Contemporary Pattern = Something “New” for Me

After my Ceil Chapman adventure in dressmaking, I knew that I needed a quick and easy project, if only to assure myself that I do not need an entire month to sew one dress!

This dress was an exploration in going against type.  The fabric is a stylized leopard print, and the pattern is contemporary - what in the world was I thinking?!  I blame  I would never have thought to purchase Vogue 1228 had I not seen all of the cute finished projects posted to the site. 

I am quite pleased with the finished product.  The dress is very easy to wear (I added 1" to the length for a bit more coverage), and while it might not be the most flattering of styles on my body, I don’t care.  I am just going to pretend it is a costume in the style of 2011 – how about that! 

It was super easy to make, and has restored my faith in the quick weekend project, so all in all, I would say the dress is a success.

Necklace:  Rafael Jewelers
Shoes:  Brass Plum “Empire-Lea” in Gold


  1. looks like your experiment in fabric and patterns was really successful. The end result is fabulous .

  2. This is a great relaxed fitting dress on you. Like the fabric choice.