Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am a finalist in the Threads Ultimate Sewing Challenge!

The finalists for the Threads Ultimate Sewing Challenge were just announced, and my Emerald Green Gown made it in the top 10! 

Voting ends November 30th

And I could use a bit of help to win the fabulous sewing machine that is up for grabs - I really could use it – my poor little White has been plugging away for over 10 years!

Voting runs until November 30th.  It is one of those contests that allow you to vote every day, so I apologize in advance, because I am going to keep reminding everyone to vote.  There are some wonerful entires, so the competition will be stiff! 
There is something in this for you – by voting in the sweepstakes you will be entered to win a Threads prize package worth over $100.  And if that does not interest you, I would still appreciate the votes!


  1. Congratulations Laura - you have my vote. Also I note you're currently being featured on Burdastyle :)

  2. Congratulations, you'd have my vote but they are only allowing voters from the US and Canada.

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  4. arfffffffffff ! quel dommage, les votes ne sont pas autorisés aux européens !
    J'aurais pourtant été ravie de voter journellement pour cette si jolie robe et vous apporter un soutien pour gagner cette merveilleuse BERNINA.
    Bonne chance à vous.

  5. I tried to vote but unfortunately you have to be from the USA or Canada but good luck!

  6. Again you would have my vote, but I am in England.

  7. Well, I can just repeat, what others wrote before me. I am from Europe, so I can't vote for you. But I hope very much, that you will win, you earned it.

  8. Thank you to everyone who is voting (or trying to!).

    Where do they come up with these silly rules? I always feel it is unfair that so many of the contests exclude anyone living outside the U.S. – what are they afraid of – a bit more postage!? It must have to do with some silly legal thing. But now they are excluding votes?! Well, I hope someone comes up with a contest that excludes Americans – it would only be fair . . .

    Anyway, I feel very appreciated – thanks for the comments and votes!