Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peplum Obsession

Everyone is probably sick to death of hearing me extol the virtues of the peplum, so I won’t.  Instead, I will tell you how much I adore this pattern.

Eva Dress 6111

This skirt is my third version of this 1945 pattern reproduction from Eva Dress.  There are not very many patterns that I love enough to use twice, let alone three times, so you can be sure I am a fan of this one!

The wool was leftover from this suit.  I had less than a full yard left, plus randomly shaped bits from the original suit cutting layout.  Now, a pencil skirt would be easy enough to squeeze out of the small amount of fabric, but I already have one from the first project, and the fabric weight is really not suitable for anything but a skirt or a pair of pants. 

Then I remembered that I have been meaning to make this Eva Dress pattern into a peplumed skirt for over a year.  And one of my sewing resolutions for the year is to make more separates, so it was just perfect!

It was necessary to shorten the peplum, but I may have done that anyway for a more contemporary look (and yes, I know this is not what most people would think of as a modern look!)  My original idea was to stick the zipper at the center back (instead of the original side zipper) and then brilliantly cover that seam with a second little mini peplum that would snap in place.  Well, my leftover fabric pieces were dwindling down to nothing, and the look was going to require one of those half-circle flounce pieces that always takes a great deal more fabric than I think it will.  I decided to go ahead and finish the skirt without the extra piece and see if I could live with the effect.  And I really like it!

Because of my fabric choice, a lining was necessary.  Thankfully I had some blue bemberg laying around.  I made a duplicate skirt, and dropped it inside the wool, wrong sides together.

For the waistband, I cut out a rectangle of wool, backed it with some cotton, cut another of rayon, stitched them together at the top, under-stitched the seam allowance to the lining and stitched that to the skirt.

My hem allowances may be the smallest I have ever used, but I do like the length of the skirt, so perhaps it was meant to be.

And, of course, my wool edges are finished with rayon seam binding (french-seams for the the lining).

I entered this project in the 2012 Eva Dress Pattern Contest which is currently running.  I would appreciate your votes!  And make sure to check out all of the entries – there are some fabulous finished projects in four different categories to whet the creative appetite.  I know I feel motivated to get back to my sewing machine!

Skirt:  Made by me, Eva Dress 6111
Blouse:  Marshalls
Shoes:  Miz Mooz “Lacey” in Blue
Fishnets:  Hue
Earrings: 1928
Ring:  Macys


  1. Overheard Conversation #16:

    "Did you...cut...your hair?!"
    "Why yes, it seems bubble gum and macaroons got all matted there somehow."
    "Hmmm, that's exactly what's been caught in my craw for days."
    "Who-o-whom could be the responsible party for THAT coincidence?"
    "The unrepentant purveyor of perpetual peplum praise, perhaps?"
    "I'm not one to talk about others, but I'm thinking you've picked out the perp, post-haste."
    "Putting her poses aside, she's perfectly pleased with her piece work."
    "Oh, she's pose proud, and perchance, pulling in votes faster than she's pulling the wool over everyone's peepers."
    "Please, people have a penchant for perceiving perfunctory pleas and the padding of polling places."
    [sweetly] "Tell that to YOUR new Bernina."
    [even sweeter] "Mmmm. Point taken, and your pixie will grow out soon."
    [audible exhale] "Let's pass on proclaiming her name."
    [teeth clenched] "With pleasure."

  2. Of course I voted for you, Laura! I always enjoy seeing what you have made, and it's lots of fun to read about someone who has real sewing skills.

  3. Gorgeous! Your seam finishing is superb and the fit is perfect. I *really* want to snatch this away through my computer screen