Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Very First Hollywood Pattern, Part 2

I love pink!  I loved it as a child, and then went through a phase in which pink was no longer lovely.  I moved backward up the rainbow from purple, to blue, to green.  Not being a fan of yellow, well, I skipped over that one.  In high school, a friend was always talking about how happy her orange sweater made her, and in college, I decided that a pumpkin sweater was too fabulous to pass up (even if the color did nothing for my complexion).

These days, I would say my favorite colors are lavender and green.  But I am growing to love red (the grownup version of pink), so I have come full circle.

This week’s Sew Weekly Challenge was “Childhood Memories.”  Out came the boxes of photos.  I remember wearing a lot of pink, what I did not remember was all of the pants.

I do NOT miss the 1980s!  Très chic? Mais NON!    
As soon as I had my hands on the fabric and patterns I brought home from the Sew Weekly Swap, I decided I would have to make one of my “new” patterns using my “new” fabric.  It did not take long to pair the pink cotton with Hollywood 1719.

I was a little bit bummed about not having enough fabric to make myself a belt, however, once I put the dress on, it was clear that all that pink needed needed to be broken up.  I may be extremely girly, but I have no wish to look like I am wearing a five-year-old’s dress.

My scalloped platform pumps were a perfect match, and I decided to continue that brown accessory trend with my belt.

The daisy brooches did not look quite right on the dress, but I was determined to wear them, so I stuck them in my hair.  Okay, so wearing flowers in my hair screams five-year-old even more than the pink dress - don't judge me!

About halfway through the construction I was sure that the dress was not going to work (especially when those pockets were not behaving) but I am thrilled with the finished project.  Sometimes a stubborn streak can pay off.  And I am sure I will be getting a whole lot of wear out of this frock during the summer months!

Dress:  Made by me, Hollywood 1719
Shoes:  Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret
Brooches (worn in hair):  Monet
Belt:  Banana Republic
Earrings:  Kate Spade


  1. Lovely job, Laura Mae, from one pink lover to another.

  2. Beautiful, and it goes beautifully with your complexion!

  3. Overheard Conversation #19:

    "So she IS impossibly young"
    "Mmm hmm. I thought she had that "timeless gene" soap opera casts were rumored to have."
    "Could you see her on a daytime drama?"
    "Ya, playin' herself,and winnin' award after award for the effort."
    "Mmmmm hmmmm. Just like real life."
    "It would be called, 'Marin', and naturally, she'd have the title role."
    "Opening credits would show her on the same beach as the pink pant pic, she'd slyly smirk as an announcer would rumble, 'A city in the shadow...MARIN.', music up and under."
    "Oooh, that's givin' me chills."
    "Marin herself would be winsome and beloved by the unsuspecting, but truly traipsing about in calculated treachery."
    "Mmmmm hmmmn. A REAL stretch."
    (exhale) "Did ya notice the scenery pic in a previous post?"
    "Oh ya - paradise is somewhere between home and work."
    "Search lights couldn't have pointed out any better how her backdrop matched her dress."
    "All WE get to look at is the back of several industrial parks and a water tower in a flood prone field."
    "Not much of a soap opera there."
    "No, and for good reason. WE are too civilized to engage in an endless barrage of petty bickering, misconstrued slights, and the demonization of others as a plot device."

  4. Lovely - this is the kind of dress that you can wear again and again. The accessories definitely pull the look together!

  5. I love this dress - beautiful work.

  6. Another lovely dress. Beautiful.