Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pastoral Pastels

This dress was completed quite a few years ago, but has not had much wear.  Without the sweater, it is not very office appropriate, and by the time summer rolls around and pastels are suitable, the sweater cover-up no longer works.  

With my pasty skin, exposed sun dresses are not a bright idea if I plan on spending any time in the sun.  So why did I make the darn thing? – because I cannot resist a cotton sundress!  Not so utilitarian, perhaps, but wonderful just the same.

Last week was full of cold and rainy days, and I spent the entire week in dark colors.  This week, I have decided to dress as “Spring” as possible, and this baby blue and pink confection caught my eye.

The outfit is my homage to Marie Antoinette as a contemporary (well, sort of) shepherdess, complete with lace and a ribbon necklace.  

Now all I need is a bunch of wooly sheep with pink and blue bows tied around their necks, an open field, and perhaps a large brimmed straw hat.  Or perhaps I should stick with Watteau and a shaded glen.

Dress:  Made by me, McCalls 5094
Shoes:  Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret
Cardigan:  Gap


  1. The details are wonderful - the lace, the bow, the cut-out! It really makes me wish I had a use for sun-dresses. I'm not even pasty, I'm translucent so, having spent summers in desserts and sub-tropics listening to other archaeologists talk about how common skin cancer is in our trade, I'm pretty vigilant about covering up. Big hats, longish sleeves, longish skirts, and no working outside at midday.

  2. I just bought material almost identical to that. Can't decide what to use it for only have 2 meters of it.
    That dress looks very summery.
    Its given me some ideas...a top with sweetheart neckline and a bolero shrug maybe?

    1. It really is a great print, isn't it!

      If you are looking for a great sweetheart neckline pattern, and you can wait a bit, you should keep your eyes open for Tasia's next Sewaholic pattern.

    2. Thanks. I will keep an eye out then. :)

  3. The lace is a very good idea!Thank you:-)!

  4. I love the cut of this dress, I just sew one very similar, but the hole in the back makes it irresistible.
    I note it for my next dress. you go on, you are fantastic
    Don't worry about your skin so pale, a good sunscreen and a big hat have to be your allies, you'll see so glamorous!!

  5. I love your dress so much, the back is cute and the print and lace is pretty gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful dress!! It looks amazing on you :)

  7. Lovely and springy, from the ruffled cardi to the perfect lace overlay on the dress hem. Love the fabrics and colors.

  8. I love this dress! So gorgeous and feminine. I love the lace detail on the edge of the skirt.

  9. I love this dress, I saw someone at a recent vintage event who was wearing a similar sundress - over a sweet little tee shirt - It looked really cute. Worth a try if it means more wear as it is a shame to keep this little cutie in the wardrobe.