Tuesday, May 15, 2012

“Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do!”

I finished this outfit back in 2009. 

Pink polka dots – it just does not get any better than that!

The first time I wore the dress was to an evening at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theatre.  I cannot remember the specific performance; what I do remember is the crazy outspoken person on the street who kept calling out “Lucy - hey, Lucy.”  You've just got to love the streets of San Francisco.  

It took me a few moments to realize that she was talking to me.  The full-skirted polka dot outfit reminded her of Lucille Ball - at least, I assume that is what she meant.

I had completely forgotten about the incident until I showed up at work last week in the dress.  Someone told me that I looked like I belonged in an I Love Lucy episode.  Flashback to that moment on the streets of San Francisco . . . 

I always think of Lucy in blue and white polka dots, but the comparison is fun, just the same.

This is also the outfit that is responsible for my favorite petticoat.  

Taking into account the full-skirted dresses in my wardrobe, I decided that a bright pink crinoline would get quite a bit of wear, so I might as well make myself one.  

Turns out, that pink puff is the most worn item I have ever made.  Who knew?!  In a perfect world, I would have one in every color, but my closet would not appreciate the bulky additions.

Dress:  Made by me, Butterick 5033
Bolero:  Made by me, Simplicity 1042
Crinoline:  Made by me
Shoes:  Nine West
Hat:  Vintage
Gloves:  Vintage
Earrings:  Macys


  1. Hey, there's another big advantage of sewing vintage styles: they never go out of style!
    Every little detail on this is so perfect, with the white highlights here and there, and it makes the dress even more beautiful. Is the fabric cotton? Looks nice and light.
    Oh, the SF street people! Kind of an interesting subculture. Is there still a guy who sits on a bench at the cable car terminus and screams at people all day?

    1. I absolutely agree, Katrina! These fashions are so old, they are new again.

      The dress is made from a quilting cotton I found at JoAnns - I just cannot resist those polka dots.

      And while I am not familiar with your friend at the cable car, I am sure that he is still around, or if not, someone else has taken his place.

  2. Wow! That is just darling!

  3. This dress is awesome! I love the pink polka dots! :]

  4. Oh my! It is simply amazing!!! Such great work!!

  5. The white details are perfect! What a prim pretty outfit!

  6. This is so gorgeous! I love pink on you. And that the unexpected pink crinoline has been a winner. Such lovely photos too :)

  7. Absolutely, terrifically pretty! Pink is my favourite colour of all time, and there's no decade whose dresses I adore more than than the 50s, so naturally I'm beyond smitten with this stylish, cheerfully gorgeous look.

    Wishing you a fantastic Tuesday,
    ♥ Jessica