Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a Fantastic Surprise!

Last year I received a bunch of 1980s and 90s patterns, some of which I was quite certain would never get any use, simply because they were made for men.

So the only thing to do was ask Mr. Lappin if he would be willing to take them off my hands.

[In fact, this was merely a ploy to get the man’s address, and he played right into my trap.  Ha-ha!  If I ever happen to be in New York, you better believe I will be stalking the heck out of Peter, Michael, Willy, and Freddy.]

Well, not only did he agree to save the patterns from the garbage bin, but he offered to send me a pattern of my own. 

At first I was a bit unsure how to respond.  After all, Cathy has threatened to send moth larvae to destroy my creative spirit.  The nerve! 

The infamous Cathy Lane
Don’t let that sweet smile fool you – she can be vicious!

Well, I am now in possession of the very fabric that was used to create Cathy’s Strapless Cocktail Dress.  Just you wait, Miss Lady!

But in the end, how could I resist a pattern from Peter?!  Or two, or three . . .

This Saturday I opened my mail slot to find a key.  Now, this might seem boring to some people, but this is, in fact, a very exciting thing to find.  In my building, it means that you have an article of mail that is too large to fit into the mailbox!

Inside the box were three fabulous patterns, one of which may just be the most fabulous vintage pattern I have ever seen.  Isn't she beautiful!! 

And I love these vintage cards of covered button forms.  How do you feel about pulling these cards apart for use?  I think they may be too cute to break up the set.

I also received a Barbara Cook CD (one of my dream theatre roles is Amalia in She Loves Me!) and several Deanna Durbin DVDs.

Such riches!

So thank you, Peter, for the lovely treats.  At this rate, none of those unfinished projects stand a chance – too many brilliant new distractions keep showing up!


  1. Oooh what a lovely thing to get through the mail! Is there any way you can pull the button forms through the back? It does seem a shame to destroy the packaging.

  2. Such a wonderful treat to find in your mailbox! Personally, I would use the notions, but I would probably keep the cards that they're packaged on. :]

  3. Back in the 1950s we had a skipping rhyme - Deanna Durbin, she wore a turban, she wore it one, two, three.......

    triff bundle to get in the post.

  4. Hi Laura Mae

    There is always a chance that Cathy has been seeking inspiration from the Selfish Seamstress, and that the "gifts" were merely a ploy to distract you from sewing!! Peter, of course, would be merely an innocent party in such an unscrupulous scheme!

    Love your blog - while not so much into vintage myself, your work looks amazing. It is lovely to see so much attention to detail and commitment to quality sewing.

  5. Overheard Conversation #22:

    (Static sound) "Pot to kettle, pot to ketle...(static sound)...come in Kettle..."
    "Mmm hmm."
    "Someone is certainly deft at turning the truth inside-out."
    "And Cathy Lane's integrity has been...IMPUGNED!"
    "Never fear, our Cathy's no slouch. Those Bishop's sleeves add plenty of visual heft about all but the most willowy wearer's mid-section."
    "Sort of a Saturn pattern?"
    "Mmm hmm. Planets don't align on their own."
    "Cathy's likeness should be on our currency or Mt. Rushmore."
    "Not so fast, Laura Mae doesn't exactly hail from Amateur Hour."
    "Ya think she may go sleeveless?"
    "Or use pattern ju-jitsu, and go all out with silk illusion sleeves and make this HER signature summer evening gown."
    "THAT Laura Mae!"
    "How ever it turns out, we're ringside on this one."
    "And this round is a split decision."