Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Miss Elliette

It is always a challenge to attend the Tuesday performance following the Gala event.  What they heck am I going to wear?

The trick is to forget all about the full length gown and not attempt to top that outfit.

Instead, I decided to pull out some vintage.

This dress is, without a doubt, my most awesome thrifting score to date.  I was performing in Sonora, CA years ago, and decided to go into an antique store to look for a brooch for the opening night party.  

They had this dress hanging on a coat-rack and one other black sheath made of what looked like woven ribbons.  

I still kick myself for not picking up that second dress, even if I did not think it was going to fit.  But I had the good sense to pick this one up!  The price was so ridiculously inexpensive it was embarrassing.

The label indicates that the dress is a Miss Elliette design.  From the inside finishing, it is clearly vintage.  I assumed late 1950s, but thanks to Vintage Fashion Guild, it seems that it may be 1960s according to the tag design.

Whatever the year, I love my lace dress.

Dress:  Vintage
Belt:  Thrifted
Clutch:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  Franco Sarto
Brooch:  Vintage
Hair Flower:  Made by me
Earrings:  Vintage from Shadows


  1. I love lace and lace dresses. This is beautiful and looks like its made for you. Gorgeous!

  2. It is definitely a lovely dress! What a win!

  3. How elegantly, strikingly beautiful. I'm smitten with your hairstyle and the stunning crimson flowers you adorned it with.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. This dress is delicious! I want it too!! Sniff... (can I be a little envious, pleeeease?)

  5. Oh this is a wonderful dress! So elegant! And I love the hair flower!


  6. That is a beautiful dress-you look great in it too!

  7. Beautiful dress, a lucky find. You need to take a pattern from it!