Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now I’ve Gone and Done It!

Turns out Pinterest changed their policy a few months ago, so all that is needed to join is an email address!  Whoo-hoo!

Now all of those starred bits and bobs from my reader are easily accessible.

I still have a lot to learn, and I am doing my best to spend a limited amount of time . . . we shall see how long that lasts . . .

Do you pinterest?  Or do you know of any fabulous accounts that will feed my new habit?


  1. I've had Pinteret for a little over a year now, I suppose it comes with the territory of being sewing/home decor/DIY blog obsessed, a new mom, and a member of Silicon Valley news media (have to give all the hot startups a try!)

    My Pinterest is Pinterest.com/elisha_/ and I mostly follow the people Pinterest made me follow when I first joined! But whenever I see a blogger I read has one I add them to the list as well.

  2. I have to give myself a time limit or I can stay on FOREVER. When I find bloggers on here, I feel a bit like a stalker. Between the blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it's a bit much, so I finally gave up Twitter!
    Feel free to come find me: http://pinterest.com/girliefrank/
    Angela W.

  3. I'm a Pinterest addict as well. I find it wonderful to bookmark all the great things out there in the sewing world. Your invited to check them out at http://pinterest.com/bunnypep/ . Don't say I didn't warn you. There are fabulous vintage links there.

  4. yay! welcome to pinterest! I have found it a very useful tool in my research. I'm excited to see what additions you will bring to the vintage-gal's pinterest :] my board is: http://pinterest.com/lifeinrosyhues/

  5. Yea! Another preson addicted to Pinterest. LOL
    I find it hard to stay off. I started with just vintage boards and still pin a ton to those, but now I have expanded and have boards for everything!

  6. I adore Pinterest (I'm http://pinterest.com/vintageblog) and have been a frequent user of it since about August 2011. Though I do jokingly say that I'm addicted, it's not an addiction that I mind one iota. I use Pinterest to store and catalog tons of things that inspire me, as well as to discover new sites, recipes, vintage resources, you name it. And find that spending time there is hugely relaxing, so I'll often use a spot of Pinteresting as my reward for making it through a rough day.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I'm a pinner as well. http://pinterest.com/oldjove/ It gives me so many sewing and fashion ideas. It's like looking in a magazine!

  8. You can put a direct link on your blog to get to your pinterest boards. Just a suggestion.

  9. I couldn't figure out how to join for the longest time but now that I'm there I enjoy it. It's a fun way to organize ideas and project-related images that you can share with others rather than just store them on your hard drive. Have fun pinning!

  10. I love Pinterest. You can follow my love of patterns here:

    Or follow and or join the vintage pattern community board (where I try to repin from Pattern Love) here: