Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Rustling of Silk

This has to be one of my favorite dresses.

I wish now that I had purchased more yardage.  But I did manage to get the dress and this skirt out of the purchase.

Is there anything better than rustling about in a silk dress and poofy crinoline?!

The Dreamstress (aka Leimomi) recently discussed a fun term, “scroop.”  This dress is not taffeta, but it does make a rustling sound.  Does that count?  Perhaps it is not a technical match, but it is always fun to learn a new word.

I just pulled out some red fabric for my next project, which made me think of these pictures.  This was something I pulled out for Frosting Fortnight.  Not that I need an excuse to play dress up!

Dress:  Made by me, Advance 5574
Shoes:  Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret


  1. its adorable!
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    thank you!

  2. I adore that distinct rustling of a crinoline/pettiskirt under a dress or skirt, too - I even like the warmth that the extra layer naturally lends (always a boon if you're prone to feeling cold, as I sometimes am). This dress really is fantastic. I can completely see why it's one of your faves (the neckline in particular is amazing!) and think it's great that it happens to be in the perfect palette for December to boot.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That's a beautiful dress, and I love the details like the cuffs!

  4. This is one of my favorites: love that check!

  5. How yummy! I have some silk fabric in my stash that I've been wanting cut into lately. I'm sure silk is terribly fun to wear!

  6. This is really quite wonderful. So many ways to accessorize. And there is nothing quite like silk taffeta.

  7. This is a beautiful dress! I just love the sounds that clothing makes as you move in it.

  8. Overheard Rant #6:

    "So, is this her admission that she's been a tad un-scroopulous?"
    [audible exhale] "With this one, scrooples can be bought and sewn."
    "It's rumored the California Dry Cleaner's Association fund her activities."
    "Tear stained garments keep them afloat, and we know who precipitates the precipitation."
    [with clenched teeth] "Laura Mae!"
    "Mmmmm hmmmm."
    "There are legions of unsteady young brides in the East Bay who have heard one time too many that, "There's this woman in my office building...".
    "The Kardashian clothed out-of-towners are nixing San Francisco as a vacation destination."
    "Hold it, that's just Laura Mae's way of giving back to the community."
    "Alight, we'll give this one her props, this once."
    "What about the "I used to shop at I. Magnin" doyennes?"
    "With a high hip swirl, Laura Mae seizes the present and the past, leaving them to doubt both their self-adulation and memories."
    "Now she's unleashing her favorite dress."
    "This is her Howitzer; portable, capable, nippped, and drapable."
    "She stealthily put the belt and skirt on the bias for maximum impact."
    "Can't you just see her entering an elevator, arms full of files, all pre-occupied, but knowing full well that all eyes are on her."
    "Mmmmm hmmm, and devouring EVERY moment of it."
    "Do you suppose her revolving door skills, bursting skirt and pert expression, could be patented?"
    "That's just one of many tricks she totes. Her raison d'etre is to hijack any given moment she happens in to."
    "Shameless, I say."
    "As selfless others, it's only too plain to see that our Laura Mae is all take, take, take, take, take."
    "Mmmm hmmmm. She's made high art out of stealing scenes as a walk-on, never you mind where she's actually invited. Worst of all, it doesn't weight on her conscience, not one iota."
    [reflectively pious] "If only we could lend her our scruples."
    [sigh with a slow nod] "And our charitable nature, too."

  9. Gorgeous dress - beautifully made! I love the sleeve cuffs - they remind me of the tail fins off cars from the '50's!!

  10. Wow! Is there no end to your talent? You just keep them coming, each more stunning than its predecessor. This dress is stunning.

  11. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love those sleeve details!

  12. This is my favorite dress you've made. I think it's the perfect 50's silloutie and you nailed it. LOVE the skirt and the collar/sleeve detail! Well done.

  13. I love everything that I have seen on your blog, but this dress with those sleeves is my favorite to date!

  14. Ths is such an amazing dress! And gingham is a favourite of mine, very summery (even in december). Like always, you look beautiful and elegant!

  15. I always see your posts but never comment so just wanted to say your totally amazing you have to coolest style and make the most awesome dresses and outfits. Such an inspiration!!