Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hollywood Goes Glam

After a rough start with a rather awkward Seth MacFarlane monologue, the singing and dancing got the party started.  If I am being completely honest, the only reason I watch the Oscars is the red carpet!  This year, with the music and dance extravaganzas, however, the broadcast was worth the tedious moments (except for the lip syncing Catherine Zeta-Jones, although she did look incredible on the stage).

There were a whole lot of full skirted tulle sparklers with swirly sequins and spangles - they always remind me of Ginger Rogers.  The stage floor even echoed the curlicues of Nicole Kidman’s L'Wren Scott dress and Catherine Zeta-Jones' Zuhair Murad.  Kristin Chenoweth was also in one of those tulle confections, but her face ruined the look – she needs to take it easy with the botox or her face is going to split open the next time she smiles.  And if she made one more short joke on the red carpet I was going to reach through the screen and smack her.

Halle Berry in Versace was very 1940s, à la Marlene Dietrich, in perhaps the classiest design Donatella has come up with in a long while. 

Stacey Keibler was wearing a similar color scheme by Naeem Khan – her hair looks so much better with a bit of curl – thank you Stacey, for not ironing your hair flat!

Daniel Day Lewis’ wife was perfection in black lace with gorgeous jewels.  Did anyone else notice the lipstick on his face during Mr. Lewis' acceptance speech?  Too cute!

Jessica Chastain looked beautiful, if perhaps a bit washed out on the red carpet in a dress with incredible beadwork.  I cannot imagine how many hours this one took to create!  But the most beautiful moment of the show had to be watching Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain walk out on stage together in perfect unison.

And speaking of Jennifer Garner, she just keeps getting more and more beautiful.  I could not find a great picture of the back of the gown, but the color alone is enough to make me swoon over this Gucci.

I was very disappointed in Amy Adams – I love the size and presence of the Oscar de la Renta gown, but the color was terrible on her. 

On the other hand, Reese Witherspoon was stunning in blue, although the fit seemed off to me.  

Helen Hunt was radiant in blue as well - she looked incredible, although the H&M gown is looking a bit worse for wear.

I loved the color of Kerry Washington’s Miu Miu.

And then there was Anne Hathaway in Prada.  I did not like the Gweneth Paltrow pink number from 1998 that was a terrible knock-off of Grace Kelly’s blue satin.  This pink dress looks like an Audrey Hepburn copy.  Because she can wear basically anything, I was very disappointed in this boring and basic choice.  It looks like a prom dress to me that could be found at any cheap department store.  The color is yummy, though.  But she should have worn her Les Mis “costume” all evening long – the beaded chiffon was so much more interesting.

And while Dior is probably my favorite design house, I am not seeing what all the fuss is about Jennifer Lawrence's gown, but mostly because she is the one wearing it.  Although I am terribly concerned that she destroyed the dress by falling down.  Don't hurt the couture!

So there was a lot of silver and gunmetal sparklers, a lot of strapless which is to be expected, and a smattering of really wonderful color.  

I loved the costume design homage on the red carpet – I just wish those images were highlighted a bit more.

I was expecting to be disappointed this year, but there were a bunch of lovely gowns to look at, and enough strange choices that allow for snarky comments.  The Academy Awards - the perfect chance to mock some of the most beautiful people in the world for picking the wrong stylists!

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  1. What a great overview ! My main thought though is how can so many with money no object and stylists abounding get things so very wrong! I like you love the pops of colour, but most of these leave me flat.

  2. Wonderful, enjoyable image rich review of last night's festivities. Jen and Ben looked so elegantly lovely!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Your comments on Jessica Chastain looking washed out and Amy Adams wearing a terrible color got me thinking about how influential light and background color are. If JC had been photographed in warm light against a dark background instead of in daylight on a red one, I think she would've looked much better. Similarly, I think AA's dress was much too muted to photograph well in front of a bright, primary color. AA & the dress would've photographed beautifully on a frosty moor, a stormy beach, or even a plain-gray cement sidewalk.

  4. I agree about Daniel Day-Lewis' wife. I thought she was just a stunner, particularly when she was in the audience and had a really smashing pair of glasses on. I was disappointed that every dress was so safe. Nothing outlandish! Where are Bette Midler and Cher when you need them?

  5. I mostly agree with you. My favorite of the night was Nicole Kidman because it's been a long time since she's really brought her edgier A game. I did love Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. I thought the shape and volume of the dress was gorgeous!

  6. When I saw Catherine Zeta-Jones - I thought of you, Laura Mae [in your chaise, unabashedly hissing at the screen]!!!

    Meee wonders if Jennifer Garner wasn't back ruffled, in a dark color, and arms-in-front almost all evening to conceal the start of a baby bump? We'll know in due time.

  7. I am a strawberry blond, very fair blue eyed like some of these stars who chose to wear " flesh" colored gowns. I cannot. I am totally washed out and just feel awful in flesh. I need a stronger red, navy, green by face if I wear something flesh. All the ruffles and trim in Hollywood would not matter. I don't know what the stars and their advisors were thinking.