Monday, February 4, 2013

When Fame Becomes Problematic

I frequently share Peter’s online writing with Mr. Valentino – especially when the antics of Freddy and Willy are mentioned.  One of the main reasons is his curiosity – I feel I must explain why I am laughing hysterically at the computer screen.  (Our pets really must think we are crazy!)

I will freely admit that when I saw his adorable little face over on Male Pattern Boldness, I was a very proud mamma.  And I immediately let him know of his online fame.

The downside to his celebrity is the attitude.

He has always been a prancer - it is generally the first thing people notice - but in the last few days, his walk has become a full-on strut.  This means that our strolls take almost twice as long.  Strutting is not a speedy way to get around!  

"But mom . . . I want to wear my tux . . . and where are my cufflinks?"

And the demands are becoming a little unreasonable.  Instead of his warm and comfy sweaters, he demands to wear his tuxedo.

A secret agent must always be alert to danger.

Yes . . . I made my Chihuahua a tuxedo.  As a bit of explanation, he was James Bond (aka “OODoggie”) for Halloween one year.  And yes, he adores being fussed over, and a costume is a sure-fire way to accomplish this.

“Now bring me that martini – shaken, not stirred.”

I had to sit him down today and explain that some puppies live in truly cold climates and do not have the daily opportunity to check their pee-mail, so he needs to park the attitude and wear the sweater.  

He is sending his love to Freddy and Willy and hopes that they will soon have the opportunity to frolic outside (with or without their weather-appropriate jackets).


  1. Awww, the cuteness factor here is off the charts! Perfect note to start the new week off on - thank you both.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. He looks so handsome!

  3. LOL! Personally, I don't think a chihuahua should wear dinner clothes before 8 pm but times have changed.

    Might we hope for a YouTube video sometime soon? ;)

  4. I can see it now ... a new career ... "Couturier pour les Chiens" to the stars! Sooo cute!

  5. Omg! Sooooo cute! Love the bond tux!

  6. Oh dear! Next he'll be hanging out with a bad crowd, there will be run-ins with the law, the pupparazzi will be everywhere, and he'll end up with a stint in rehab!
    Fame is not all fun and games, but it looks like Mr. Valentino has the poise and panache to make it all work for him.

  7. That second picture is priceless!