Monday, April 29, 2013


I have a recurring daydream in which I spend an entire day in the Dior Atelier and watch a fashion miracle be born.  I am sure that most people would rather visit a boutique with the finished products in Paris, but how amazing would it be to watch the experts stitch a simple hem in place or create some of that yummy bead work?  That is my idea of a day well spent!

My jaw dropped when I happened upon this picture today.

It is stunning in its simplicity.  Look at the buttons!  The only thing wrong with this picture is the fact that I cannot reach out and touch it!

How amazing would it be to handle and examine the interior of a vintage Dior piece (with gloves, of course!).  

Last year I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to explore the insides of a Ceil Chapman cocktail dress  which only whetted my appetite.  More please!  Corselettes, and boning, and stay tape, oh my!  

I want to know how this dress was put together and what is inside that helps hold that spectacular shape.  Truth be told, I think that this may be the most perfect dress I have ever seen!  I have a new favorite!!

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  1. It must be fascinating indeed, to be a fly on the wall!
    Just this weekend, I was at an Yves Saint Laurent exhibition and one room was set up with material from his ateliers: toiles (not just for coats and dresses, but also for a lot of hats!)! dress forms for his best clients, drawers full of buttons, embroidery samples and then the finished pieces with said embroidery.... magical!
    Also: the original drawings with fabric samples for every year he had a défilé. Included some pretty jaw-dropping stuff!
    Too bad that we were not allowed to touch the pieces (although that's very understndable of course!) I would have loved to see how his Mondrian dresses and pop-art dresses were stitched together! They really should do a video :-)


  2. Just in case you haven't seen it, here is 52 minutes of Chanel for you :
    Don't let the French stuff scare you, it's still riveting.

  3. I was just about to post the link to that Chanel documentary, but Carmen beat me to it! It's definitely a must-see if you're interested in getting a fly-on-the-wall look at what goes on in an haute couture atelier.

  4. Ahhhh drooooool!
    Im doing a subject this term for corsetry and undergarments...going to make a new look corselet ;)

  5. I think you and Rhonda should get acquainted, if you don't know each other already.

  6. I know, construction is fascinating! I agree. It gives me chills too!

  7. That's in keeping with my kind of vintage fashion dream, too, dear gal, you're not alone there at all. If only such a thing were possible...

    ♥ Jessica