Sunday, November 24, 2013

Joining the Club

The Fall for Cotton Sew-Along was such fun, I just had to join the Knit for Victory Knit-Along currently in progress!

My pattern is one that I have worked with before - I love my Red Cabled Cardi so much that I thought I would make another! 

The navy yarn is proving difficult to photograph in the winter lighting, but I do love the color.  Instagram filters, however, make the texture stand out, even in dismal lighting.    

My drawers are filled with quite a few black sweaters and I always find myself wishing I had more deep blues to choose from.  So here we are!

The back is just about completed.  

I really have missed my knitting needles – this project is just what I needed, plus the motivation of a knit-along!   Happy knitting, everyone!


  1. Ooh, that's a lovely sweater, Laura Mae :) Hooray for Knit Picks - it's what I knit with exclusively :) The colour of that yarn is spectacular.

  2. Ohh! So pretty! I need to get to learning how to cable! Just stunning!


  3. I have joined the KAL as well, and I am making the same cardi :) Your red version is beautiful :)