Thursday, December 12, 2013

Purple Paisley

As the years go by and my closet fills with more and more hand made pieces, I take every opportunity to play matchmaker.

Purple and teal are probably my favorite color combination, most likely due to the fact that I love purple, and I love teal – put them together and I love them even more!

The jacket was created as part of an outfit, and each time I wear it I remind myself that I keep meaning to make another version.  Who knows when I will get around to that!

The dress is another Vintage Vogue reproduction.  It is a definitely a summer frock, but before I put it to bed for a few months, I though I would pair it back with the teal velveteen blazer.

And now I feel like I need another circle skirt or two and a couple of new short sleeved jackets.  Actually, there really needs to be a whole lot less dreaming up new garments, and a whole lot more sewing.  I have been lazy, lazy, lazy for the last couple of weeks – it probably has something to do with the ridiculously cold temperatures (which seems to have improved in the past twenty-four hours)!   

Jacket:  Made by me,  McCalls 4928
Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 2902
Brooch:  Made by me (for this sweater)
Coat:  Banana Republic

Shoes: INC


  1. I love this combination on you! And I'm totally into matchmaking my wardrobe, too. Definitely makes your hard work go a little further.

  2. Teal and purple rock. In that first photo, the shadow makes you look like you're wearing a fall -- have you considered a wiglet in a snood (as opposed to the much more expensive option: extensions)?

  3. Lovely color combination. I especially love the two tone skirt. What a marvelous blazer! So well made.

  4. What a lovely combination!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I adore this colour combination as well. It sings of spring, but suits all four seasons wonderfully.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Great outfit -- it is an unexpected combination but it works so well. I love the jacket -- the sleeves are so cute. I've been obsessed with sleeves lately!

  7. Unusual combination but it works well. The circle skirt is beautiful.