Sunday, January 5, 2014


I am not big on Resolutions for the New Year, but I came across this sentiment on Pinterest and felt like I needed to write this down so I am accountable (to myself, at least!).  No new fabric, unless it is so very exceptional I cannot live without it!

Since I have drawers full of fabric, it should be easy to reign in new fabric purchases, right?  There was that online purchase in December that I feel guilty about, but I am going to get over it.

So I am going to do my best to refrain from buying new sewing supplies this year, other than absolute essentials, such as linings and zippers, etc.  My Britex projects should quench the thirst for new, new, new.  At least it should . . .


  1. the pictures are awesome. so true :)

  2. I was asked the other day what my fabric was for, to which I replied, cheerfully, "I'm making a skirt", and the lady said "oh, blimey". Not quite sure how to take that.

  3. I've been itching to buy new fabric lately and need to remember my bins full of existing fabric!! lol!

  4. I had the same resolution and broke it on January 2nd. It was Chanel tweed so I lost my head.

  5. This made me smile ear-to-ear. I felt precisely that way when it came to my paper crafting supplies a couple of years ago and have bought almost nothing new since. Though I do miss staying super abreast of all the new releases in the industry (and buying some of them as the come out), as I have more than enough supplies for dozens of projects still, aside from if I run out of the necessary basics (like adhesive and white cardstock), I'm going to continue to buy little to nothing there this year and beyond. It's really good to use what you already have sometimes!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Good ones!

    I always tell the fabric store folks... probably a dress

  7. Back in 1983, I worked at Joann Fabrics in Xenia, Ohio. Rarely did I ask what the customer was making unless I felt like I needed to in order to better serve the customer. If they seemed to want to talk, I would ask of course, but in general, most folks just wanted to browse or had a specific project in mind and wanted to be left alone.

    However, once I felt compelled to ask. The customer, an elderly but very elegant lady came in with her equally elderly husband. She had a list she was reading from with a very eclectic combination: flesh colored tricot, matching thread, polyester fiberfil and drapery weights. I had to ask. She explained to me that she was making a temporary prosthesis, that she was returning home from the hospital and thought she'd have some time on her hands, she might as well make this up while she was sitting around the house recuperating. My goodness! I exclaimed. I offered her a chair which she declined and said, Oh! I'm fine! Her sweet husband literally beamed at her and said: Ain't she a peach! When tears sprang to my eyes, I had to agree. The lady was indeed a peach.

    1. I forgot to mention she'd had a mastectomy.

  8. I saw the first card and it made me laugh and sigh at the same time! New Year's resolution 2013: I'll stop buying fabric when I fill up the allotted space in the closet (I had room to spare!)
    Midway through the year I've filled all the available space. Hey that's easy: buy some vacuum bags and reduce the volume by half.Start of 2014: even with the vacuum bags, I can't even fit a piece of muslin in :-(