Friday, June 27, 2014

The problem with reorganizing the sewing room is . . .

I can never remember that brilliant spot where I put something away for safe keeping.

Yesterday it was quilt batting for shoulder pads.

It made perfect sense to stash it away in the drawer with old rescued shoulder pads on my last clean up, but for years it has been in another random spot, so remembering its new hiding place was a bit of a challenge.  So much for efficiency!


  1. I get how you feel! I recently moved into my first house out of the college dorms and had to move all my sewing supplies from where they had been crammed under my dorm bed and spread about all into an extra room that-- although great to have a whole room for sewing-- meant I had to reorganize all my stuff, and apparently there was very little rhyme or reason to how my stress-addled brain decided to pack things at the end of semester!

  2. We have no space in our tiny one bedroom flat, Hubby is an artist so we have all his materials, and my stash is quickly taking over what little space is left! My problem is when I put things in very sensible places, that make no sense at all a few days later...