Friday, May 1, 2015

Springtime Stripes & Polka Dots

I have a new pair of pants!

Will this garment make me abandon my closet full of dresses?  Absolutely not!

But it did remind me of this blouse and the fact that I always meant to make myself another.  Time to add that to the to-do list!

And it was certainly fun to wear something out of character.

The fabric has been stashed away for ten or more years, so it feels wonderful to have found the perfect project for it.  

I believe it is a linen/rayon blend because of the drape and the fact that it does not wrinkle quite as much as I expected it to.

Now I just need to find the perfect fabric for the matching blouse pattern that is printed out and ready to be taped together . . .

Blouse:  Made by me, Vogue 2850
Trousers:  Made by me, Wearing History "Smooth Sailing Trousers"
Shoes:  Miss L Fire “Casablanca


  1. Your trousers look great and I expect they are really comfortable. I know how strange it must feel to wear trousers as I was a skirts/dresses only person until quite recently when I was persuaded by friends to buy some trousers and they took some getting used to!

  2. You look elegant in bifurcated garments, too! Great springy outfit :)

  3. Something is not hanging right with these. My first suspicion is that your crotch curve is too deep (front to back). They seem to be twisting around your upper thigh when you move your leg forward.

    I feel like I just insulted the Pope, but they are not as flattering as your usual work, which is of a very high standard.

    1. Pull lines typically reflect a problem originating 90 degrees away, and the curve you speak of is likely the culprit (note the lines front and back mid-thigh).

      Though it pains me to say this, you SJ, are a bigger Laura Mae fan than myself (your admission to wanting to be her when you grow up trumped all my years of adMAEration). Truth be told, you shattered the Laur-a-Mae-ter (it's essentially the seismograph for the sewing world). So it is clear that your sincerity is only rivaled by your level of being smitten with all things Laura Mae.

      The pants are still beautiful, but someone's dangerous curves are contending with too much fabric up front, and too little between the legs.

  4. Very cute! Put some taps on those shoes and you're good to go.

  5. I like the pants but I think you might really like the look and fit of a Burda pants pattern with front pleats and a more fitted derriere. I have good success with Burda pants as they fit like a good ready to wear brand.

  6. oh my GOD those SHOES!! I seldom wear heals but I swear I'd buy those and display them on the wall. Cute outfit and I enjoy the blog.

  7. Amazing outfit! I can't get over how cool those shoes are and how perfect they are for the trousers.

  8. Gorgeous! The lines here are so elegant.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I nearly gasped out loud when I saw you in PANTS!! And then the shoes, I have those too!!! The pants look great, you should think about another pair :)