Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birdies and Butterflies

Sometimes a quick project is just what the doctor ordered.  This dress was one of those.  And it turns out, I discovered a really great pattern.

This is why I have such a hard time getting rid of old patterns . . . sometimes there is a real gem hidden among them.

In this case, the fabric is what led me to Vogue 8701.  The print caught my eye when I was strolling through the quilting section at JoAnn Fabrics a couple of years ago.  

It is very pastel, and I am pasty, so I often steer clear of fabrics that want to blend in with my skin.  But I just could not leave without this print!  

I did not have quite enough yardage for the first couple of patterns I pulled out of the stash while looking for the perfect match for my fabric, and then I remembered this one.   I think the pairing was meant to be!

Not bad for a quick weekend project.

And the fact that I did not need to purchase any extra bits and bobs makes me very happy indeed!  I just love when a plan comes together!

Dress:  Made by me, Vogue 8701
Shoes:  Remix Vintage “Babydoll
Earrings:  Banana Republic


  1. Your dress looks fabulous, the fabric is perfect and it really suits your colouring. Love your photos, they are so much more dynamic than my boring stand still and smile ones.


  2. Surgical salvos aside, the dress is lovely.


    NOT (pause), taking (pause), the bait!

  3. Beautiful! (I think the fabric looks marvelous with your creamy complexion, btw.)

  4. Fabulous and gorgeous as always. Enjoy reading your blog very much.

  5. LOVE the fabric and perfect for that dress!

  6. Beautiful dress, it looks great on you!

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  8. I can see why you fell in love with the fabric - so pretty!

  9. Gorgeous, that fabric is lovely x

  10. So incredibly pretty! That pattern is like eloquently written springtime poetry in garment form.

    ♥ Jessica