Saturday, December 24, 2016

Casual Corner

Continuing the theme of the trapeze silhouette, here is The Ivy Pinafore!  I tested Jennifer Lauren’s latest pattern release a few months back, and am finally getting around to posting the pictures of my finished dress.

I actually own a similar corduroy jumper that I found at Old Navy of all places, many years back.  It still continues to be a favorite when the weather is lousy.  I just pull on a sweater, the jumper, and a pair of tights, and I look fairly put together - even when I would rather not venture out into the soggy world.

When I received this pattern, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to make myself an improved version of that old ready-to-wear garment.

Since there really was no fabric in the stash that was going to be suitable, I headed out to JoAnn Fabrics, hoping for the best on my testing deadline.  What I came up with was this floral denim.  I suppose you could call this my version of a pair of jeans! 

I decided to add a bit of extra length to the dress so that I can wear it with or without tights.

My one issue with the design was the fact that this is quite a fabric hog.  After receiving everyone's comments through the testing process, Jennifer Lauren has since added a second, more slim fitting version to the pattern.  And although this is not a design that I would normally choose for myself, the oversized silhouette is clearly growing on me.  This is definitely an easy to wear garment that is helping to add a bit of variety to my closet.

This dress was designed to be paired with The Gable Top - which is a fabulous top I have also made up, by the way!  But in an attempt to get through all of the finished projects I would like to get posted to the blog, I decided to wear The Ivy with my first Renfrew top!  And I really love how the two patterns work together.

Shirt:  Made by me, Sewaholic “Renfrew
Jumper:   Made by me, Jennifer Lauren Handmade “The Ivy Pinafore
Shoes:  Colin Stuart
Earrings:  Liz Palacios

[Disclosure:  A copy of The Ivy Pinafore pattern was received in exchange for my feedback on the pattern during the testing process, but the opinions written here are my own.]


  1. Cute!! Though, how casual is it really with those beautiful, high heels?

  2. The shorter the skirt the higher the heel.

    Laura Mae, your silhouette versatility is applauded.