Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gifts for Tino

Valentino has quite a few sweaters that I have made for him, but they are almost ten years old at this point, and some of them are beginning to look their age.  I was hoping to make him a new one for Christmas, but never found the time (and I really was not looking forward to braving JoAnns or Michaels for a skein of yarn during the holiday season).  But since every day might as well be Christmas for a spoiled pup, a couple of weeks back I decided it was time to gift my little guy with some swanky new clothes.

Stashed away in a bin are the remnants of many, many old knitting projects.  Most are small bits that are not suitable for projects, or are made with less than stellar quality fibers, but I have a difficult time throwing it away because it seems like such a waste.  But then I have that bin full of scraps of yarn which makes me feel guilty for not doing anything with it . . .

Well, I finally came up with a use for some of it - sweaters for Valentino the Chihuahua!  A sweater for a seven pound dog does not take much yarn, and with a bit of finagling, those scraps can be put to good use.

I found this pattern on Ravelry and thought it looked like a good starting point.  Turns out, the directions are rather confusing, but I muddled through.

Once I started using up those scraps of yarn, I really did not want to stop.  I thought Tino would look quite handsome in stripes.  And two colors meant using up more leftovers.

For this version, I did away with the hood, since Tino is not terribly fond of wearing things on his head.  He will put up with the hood in rainy weather, but since a sweater will get super soggy when wet, I substituted a turtleneck.

Making a sweater just for him also allows me to customize it.  Most of what I find in the stores do not have an opening for his harness/leash.  The real deal breaker, though, is when the underside of the sweater is as long as the top, or it does not fit snug through the belly.  I am not dressing my dog to be a cute prop - he gets cold in the winter when he goes out for a walk and needs something that he will not soil the first time he lifts his leg (marking the tree is fine, marking his own clothing, not so much!).  

And he certainly does enjoy the attention he receives while looking super smart in his custom made clothing.  To be honest, the prancing gets out of control when a stranger starts complimenting him!

What a showoff!

Sweaters:  Made by me, "Hoodie Dog Coat"


  1. Well this is definitely the cutest thing I've seen today. :-)

  2. I've been missing the cute mister Tino! Very handsome in his new togs!

  3. Little Tino looks very handsome in his new sweaters. He is a lucky boy to have a mom like you.

  4. He is so cute!! Especially in stripes :)

  5. So, so cute. His new outfits fit perfectly. I too have wondered why dog sweaters don't have space for the boy parts!

  6. It was June 24th, 2102 (on Threads Magazine's "Polka Dot Obsession" article), when you were accused of having a "pooch-as-prop", by some wise-acre.

    Clearly time has shown us all that Tino is loved no end, as reflected in his fashion forward togs. He's a lucky guy.

    Laura Mae, you can make something out of nothing, and something spectacular out of very little. Keep setting that great example for the rest of us.

  7. I must chime in: what a Beautiful Boy❣ How about a retrospective of all the clothing you've lovingly created for Mr. Valentino -- including his older sweaters, plus his costumes: DoubleO Doggie, Happy the Dwarf, The Mad Hatter, Ricky Ricardo -- what else? Tino's adoring Grandma sending kisses and cuddles ��

  8. I had to come back to look at Tino again, he is so cute and sweet. I have a chihuahua but he is quite a bit differently shaped, shorter legs, wide chest, much heavier at almost 12 lbs. He is my lap sitter love.

  9. Oh so cute! Tino is adorable and looks very handsome in his new sweaters.