Monday, April 17, 2017

Out of Season

Today's unseasonable and very soggy weather reminded me of this outfit.  I was almost tempted to throw on a wool sweater in the middle of April.  What is going on?!?

And what the heck happened to our beautiful Spring weather?  I am really getting tired of the gray skies and the rain.

This garment will be getting a whole lot of wear towards the end of the year, but for now, I am much more interested in light colors and fabrics (even if the weather is not playing fair).

I sure do love a circle skirt, though!  If I can find a suitable mid-weight wool in a beautiful color, I may just have to make myself another for next Winter.

The most irritating part was, you guessed it, evening out that darn hem.  Even thick wool coating is not immune to the dreaded bias droop.

The sweater was a quick knit when I was in need of a portable project that would not require a lot of fuss, and one that I would be comfortable stopping and starting at a moment's notice.

It served its purpose quite well, and I may want to make another in a warm weather appropriate fiber.  If the rainfall keeps up, I may finish my current knitting project soon and do just that!

Sweater:  Made by me, “Jumper with a Boat Neckline” 
Skirt:  Made by me, Vogue 2902
Shoes:  Royal Vintage “Marilyn


  1. I love that you made the sweater AND the skirt. Gorgeous

  2. Overheard Speculation #1:

    "So she doesn't control the weather after all."

    "Nope, but the weather, like so many things, is only there to serve her next foray in fashion."

    "Her man-panion hasn't been mentioned in recent memory, nor has he been squawkin' 'bout her lately."

    "Smelling a measured silence, are we?"

    "Actually I have a theory. It goes like this; he's finding low-cost airfare for a fly-over, she trots him around, and gets kudos on a myriad of local blogs and at some all-but-built-around-his-visit shin-dig at Britex."

    "So they each are working out the logistics."

    "Actually for her it will be more like "ma-gistics - he'll be staying with her mother, which dovetails smartly with my previous theory that Laura Mae lives in a warren of rolling racks, has drying racks bolted into the ceiling above her tub, and she can only enter her home in the fetal position at her front door and crawl into said bathroom down a narrow passage."

    "Criminy, the circle widens, but the hem maintains it's distance from the floor."

    "He's all about a multi-setting whirlwind of wonderment and surprise."

    "Their interchangeable that way, recall her charade of a trip to Penna., which 'suddenly' became a spontaneous side-trip to Cathy's island."

    "Ya think the mother will abscond with him?

    "Absolutely, and being both fun and fodder (for his blog), it will likely happen more than once."

    "Since she didn't eat her young, I'm guessing for him it's essentially the social equivalent to doubling-down in Blackjack."

    "You don't think he's going to start twirling, do ya?"

    "One of them is bound to teach him, though in this case it will be 'new school' if the mother teaches him."

    "Of housing and hip-hop."

    "THAT Laura Mae's mother."

    "Yes, THAT one."

  3. Even thought it seems a rather simple combination, the outfit is so beautiful and feminine! I envy everybody that is able to knit (technically I can, too, but in super-slow-motion, so it would take me years to finish such sweater). Both items are versatile, and having very cold "spring" weather (and even snow) currently, I see a lot of possibilities to make them work in various combinations until warmer weather comes back again...