Monday, May 8, 2017

McCalls Summer 2017 Catalog

I really used to look forward to new pattern releases . . . that does not happen very often these days. 
McCalls 7599
The Archive Collection has returned, but if this is what it has to offer, I am not very excited about it.  I guess basic sells, but boy is this BORING.  Basic bodice, check . . . basic circle skirt, check.  Okay, so they gathered the straps, but do we really need a pattern for that?  How many variations of this dress do we really need!?  I am also confused by the styling.  Love the gingham, but the gloves, pearls, and hat say "afternoon at the museum," and the dress and shoes say summer picnic.  The yellow floral ensemble is all over the place, too.  Where is my pretty original vintage illustration?

McCalls 7599
To be fair, the McCall catalog is generally my least favorite; I definitely prefer Vogue and Butterick if my pattern library is anything to go by.  But I may have to add this bodysuit to my collection.  I remember owning a bodysuit back in the 90s and I really liked it, once I found one that actually fit my long torso.  This might be nice pattern to have around.

McCalls 7606
I also really like this blouse.  The high neck and cut-in shoulder line is not particularly flattering on me, but I have always loved the style.  Maybe if I find the right fabric/print I can make this work.  Then again, this kind of thing really looks great with a pair of pants - and you know how I feel about them!

McCalls 7601
And finally, for a good laugh . . . I am no ballet technique expert, but I adore watching accomplished dancers on stage.  But goodness gracious, this is painful to look at.  No more models doing ballet poses - it's just wrong!  Her face is stunning, but those feet look like a four year old attending her first day of ballet class.  The arms and hands are bad enough, but the feet!!!  Why on earth would they make this woman take a picture like that?!?  It's so very bad, I just can't look away!

McCalls 7615
So nothing that will be jumping to the top of the sewing queue, but I may just take a stab at making that blouse . . .


  1. Lol. They would be in NYC. There are a billion ballet dancers there.

  2. Laura Mae,

    You are tastefully creative, a stylish sleuth, and technically innovative.

    Put down the pattern books and make what speaks to you (some Jacque Fath, a little Adrian, dresses from a Marshall Field's or Neiman-Marcus catalogue circa 1954 you picked up on etsy, suits worn by the second female lead in Warner Brothers pictures in the 1940s, a certain illustration of a Charles Kleibacker day dress, or something you saw in Vanity Fair last year).

    He who knew "Laura Mae designs", long before the name was changed.

  3. I had the same thoughts about the ballet poses. You're right: it is incredibly painful to look at the model. On the other hand, I can overlook the photos for the tutu variations. A lot of the Big4 tutu patterns (I think they're all out of print and Simplicity's tulle skirt doesn't really count) are very hard to find and very pricey. I'll add this new release to my collection even though my serious ballet years are long over.

  4. That's more of a gathered skirt than a tutu. There's a cartridge pleated skirt in the McCalls Cosplay patterns that grabbed on their online sale. I wanted to read someone else's instructions, because I'm tired of making it up as I go along.

    As for your tulle tutus, there are some nice patterns already out there. Anyone looking, search layered tutu. Tutus that Dance has some nice choices. And it really is more about the instructions than the pattern pieces. And if you're making one, you're really making a whole bunch sooner or later.