Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Postcards from Paris

It feels like these photos were taken so very long ago.   And it has been quite a while since the month of May, I suppose.

Since then, this dress has become one of my favorites.  It is so easy to slip into.

I forgot to mention the addition of a pair of lightweight bra cups in my construction post - I imagine I was too impatient to finish the dress to bother taking pictures!  And that extra step is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to this dress on hot summer days.

All I have to do is step in, hook the waist stay, zip up the back, and go!

I am slightly tempted to make another version, this time with a straight skirt.  But there are so many other patterns that I want to try, so perhaps I should set this one aside for now?

After all, I already have another blue eyelet version hanging in my closet.  

Some day I will get around to going through the finished photos of that dress, along with all of the other projects that I completed in the last few months.  And I suppose I should really start thinking about cooler weather fabrics and designs.  The days are already getting way too short!  I am really not ready to say farewell to Summer this year.

Dress:  Made by me, Butterick 6453
Shoes:  Remix “Babydoll


  1. Beautiful girl, and beautiful dress. How awesome to not have to wear a bra with it!

  2. [enters chomping gum - the usual attitude]
    Ya know [*chomp*chomp*] Laura Mae, you really ought to make the pencil skirted version with an eye toward that space between a well-informed Polly Bergen and a smoldering Simone Signoret. No hands in the air, as if you don't tread or trample on such territory - you are a known quantity, sister. [*chomp*chomp*]

    Here's the "how to": slightly widen the straps at the bust, so they taper to the shoulder, peg the skirt a bit, and wear a wide patent leather belt (backwards, of course) for maximum impact. You may find a cosmetology school, former female impersonator, or be deft with the Dippity Doo, and sport a tousled bouffant. [unwraps and inserts yet another stick of gum into mix in the maw]

    This is no "make-over to take-over", but instead gentle guidance, hints if you will, from a subtle sort, who reads often, and writes on occasion. [*chomp*POP!*chomp*chomp*chomp*]

  3. Such a beautiful dress, impeccably sewn with a superb fit (as usual!). I too am not ready to say bye to summer.

  4. What sweater pattern is that? It's adorable with the beautiful dress!

    1. The sweater is actually ready to wear from many years ago - I think it was mail order from Victoria's Secret. I should find some yarn in that shade of red though, because I love it!