Wednesday, October 11, 2017

♪ ♫ There's no place like [Vintage] Vogue for the Holidays ♪ ♫

Oh my goodness!!  Would you look at this glorious Vintage Vogue design!

Vogue generally does not include any vintage reproductions in their Holiday/Winter catalog, and then they go and release this gem.  Definitely need to add this coat dress to my pattern collection, and I really hope that I can find a suitable fabric in my stash, because I don't think I can make it through the season without this in my closet!

I have used a link button closure before on this dress, and I am wondering if there is some kind of placket behind the opening on this dress since it opens all the way to the waist?  Never mind, I will make it work!  (I think I am also going to need the hat pictured in the illustration . . . )

Of course, there are plenty of new designer patterns.  Not surprisingly, many of them are an easy pass for me.  This Paco Peralta skirt is a little too modern for my taste, but I am strangely drawn to the dolman sleeved top - love that back neckline.

And while there are a whole lot of princess seamed peplum tops in the pattern world, I am strangely drawn to this Zandra Rhodes outfit - I think it must be the fabric.  I need some textured brocade in my life!

I used to skip right on by the Very Easy Vogue section, but there are some really lovely designs to be found there.  And while I would not wear this as a top, I think it has possibilities as a dress.
If there was any question that the 1990s have returned to the fashion world, here is proof:  the trend has made it all the way to the Vogue pattern catalog.  Slip dress with shirt underneath . . . what is that saying about skipping a trend that you caught the first time it came around?  This has multiple cup sizes included, so it has that going for it . . . and it might make a nice slip if the center back zipper was removed . . . but I already have plenty of those patterns stashed away.  Yes, I think I am going to skip it.
I have had some issues with the recent accessory patterns.  For instance, why are there pattern for multiple rectangular scarves and nothing else?  So if I am being honest, I did not have much hope for Vogue 9291, but this wrap top does have some nice lines.  I could probably find something comparable in my stashed patterns, though, so I may pass on this one.

But that Vintage Vogue is definitely coming home with me!!

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  1. The large inverted dart in the bottom to the small of the back, with angled darts pointing to the wing bones could really swaddle and showcase your waistline. The slightly elongated curves reflecting your smidge longer torso will only work to showcase the sculpted back (those shoulder darts and shoulder pads!) and full flair of the skirt.

    The face framing collar is yours to work to the disdain of the envious and wanna-be's.

    As for those sleeves, they scream your name. Pulling off gloves prior to sitting down, remaining swaddled in the coat in a curved booth, over the collar glances, sips of gimlet, and a sly smile as a gent worthy of distraction approaches to lay a compliment and his business card at your table.

    Oh, Laura Mae, once again, find the right fabrics. This is a signature coat, one that can define you in any crowd as it makes everyone else dissolve. The light contrasting fabric should be far from your skin tone, and since white may be a bit too stark, would you consider a light bronze over a roasted cocoa bean wool/cashmere blend? A pale steely sky blue over a steel blue wool with a wide repeat of small black dots? Or the inverse, a dusky deep violet for collar and peek of inner sleeve, over a lavender boucle' (eye shadow, shoes, and nail polish round out the deep contrast, hosiery could go either way)?

    A dyed feather for the hat, no matter what color way you choose (adore your millinery skills), please.

    Sign me,

    Swing coat? What swing coat?

  2. Vogue 9278 would be very handy as a slip. I don't have a similar pattern already so have added it to my wishlist.