Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Crocheted Edges

Along with my hexi quilt, my rag rugs, and a couple of knitted rugs, I have been busy making this crocheted throw.  I am definitely one of those people who prefer knitting to crochet, but I thought a change of pace would be a good thing. 

After searching the Ravelry database for something suitable, I settled on this pattern.

I liked the idea that this particular design requires that the squares be connected as you work through the pattern.  That meant that there would be less joining to do at the end, and that appealed to me.

One of my favorite things is that, along with instructions written in prose, there is also this lovely diagram.  Without one of these, I tend to get lost in all the sc and dc in 3rd ch of turning ch, and ch-space, etc.  Whoever came up with this diagraming is a genius - it even looks like the finished product!

With such a clear set of instructions, it was a fairly quick project to make up.

The most tedious part was weaving all those ends in (which I anticipated, and was dreading).  In the end it wasn't all that bad.

And all that work was definitely worth it in the end.

I even find myself wanting to start hooking a new crochet project in the near future!  But for now, I am concentrating on that quilt.


  1. So pretty!! The pattern is great. I really need to knit or crochet an afghan but have been avoiding it. Too much weight, too many ends!

  2. Laura Mae,

    Kudos on the crocheting (one supposes steel and ironwork are only just around the corner).

    About "that quilt" (and I use the word "that" advisedly); will you be doing a tutorial? An educational "how to" pamphlet? A "piecing with Laura Mae" video, set to music, and featuring your all-male back-up dancers (which is rumored to be one Michael P. and a three-way mirror - not that I'm one to spread rumors, or cause controversy, where you're involved.)?

    The medium lilac yarn evokes another time, works splendidly with your quilt in progress, and likely echoes those walls (of which you never did confirm the color - not that I'm one to natter, or nitpick, where you're involved.).

    This shift of yours toward the home front could likely lead to the kitchen. Will you be sharing a mid-century hors d'oeuvre treat with your gentle readers? A menu for "meeting and impressing his family"? Or demonstrating the quick work of creating a depression-era entree', to put you in good stead with the economizers, and time-strapped among us, who enjoy your blog?

    He who thinks only at-home open-heart surgery is beyond your doing

    1. Yes, the walls are a sort of lilac color - no more white walls after renting for years and having no say of the color!

      And no, it is very unlikely that I will be sharing any food preparation advice here - not my strong suit.

  3. A beautiful colour and pattern! Projects like this make me want to learn crochet/knitting