Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cheerful Daisies

Last year, I decided I needed to try out View B of Butterick 6453.  And I actually managed to make myself a dress from said pattern.  Of course, I didn’t manage to blog about it in a timely fashion, but this warm weather reminded me that I should get through the photos of the finished dress.  (Seems much more appropriate than posting pictures of a wool skirt, right?!)  

As with the full skirted versions in my closet, this was a successful project, and this design continues to be a favorite.  But the main difference is actually one of the best parts, which is just how little fabric the straight skipped version requires!

So I cut into a small amount of cotton I picked up from a fabric swap, expecting this to be a wearable muslin.  Turns out, I really liked the dress.

So I finished edges, and added bra cups to the bodice lining.

And I hate a back slit, so I added a vent instead.

A hook and eye, and a couple of ribbon hangers later, and I had a new dress.

And now that warm weather has returned, you had better believe I will be pulling this dress out to wear!  I may even have to find that black and white cotton gingham that was going to be another version of this very dress.  How many is too many of the same dress in one closet, do you think?!


  1. that is a beautiful dress. Make as many as you fancy. I think since you are using very different printed fabric only another person who sews will notice it's the same pattern.

  2. This dress is a walking invite for a conversation at a farmer's market.

    It sez, "Whimsy, with style, and the ability to chameleon from casual gal-about-town running errands (kerchief on head, tied under the back of hair), to a pivotal and serious conversation over iced teas on someone's patio (no kerchief, just a forward leaning posture with a reassuring hand to forearm), to giving directions to a rehearsal dinner party (earnestness turns into a 'last to know' realization that you've been singled out and essentially picked up by a crowd, any of whom could have used their phone for guidance) while heading to meet the sewing cabal downtown, and you ending up as a 'plus one' at the wedding the very next day".

    Also, this version likely quells the vociferously envious, as one can spin, but not truly twirl in this iteration. Not that you know such folk, or that they even exist, but the hypothetical can be plausibly posited (at least in the world of Laura Mae).

  3. I love this pattern, and your versions, but I don't want to have to wear it with a strapless bra as they are not very comfortable. Although you mention addition of bra cups in this and previous posts, you don't provide details. I'd love a post with pictures explaining how you added cups.

  4. Beautiful dress. Really like that you show pics and description of it coming together.

  5. Really sweet dress! Loved to see your process down to the ribbon holders!

  6. I'd also love to see how you added bra cups!