Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Matched Set

A couple of years ago, I decided that pairing my favorite skirt (Butterick 4792) with a Smooth Sailing Blouse was a fabulous idea.

I wanted to use a red linen that I had stashed, unfortunately, that skirt uses a massive amount of yardage. 

I managed to get a fabulous skirt out of the linen, but I couldn't squeeze in a blouse with the leftover scraps.  (It always amazes me how much fabric a blouse requires.)

Well, I decided that I loved this cotton print so much, I wanted the opportunity to wear it as much as possible, and separates seemed like the best way to accomplish that.

It was still a squeeze, but I managed to cut both the skirt and blouse out of my cotton.

And then I found some vintage buttons in my button drawer that matched the dogwood stamens. 

The match was too perfect to ignore, so I ditched my initial idea of using cream colored buttons.

And while I was willing to live on the edge and use machine buttonholes on my first version of this blouse, I just couldn't do that to this fabric.  So I went with a classic bound buttonhole.

It may take a little more time and effort, but the result is so worth it!

Add a bit of rayon seam binding to the mix, and you get a beautifully finished coordinate set.


  1. All of the sewing techniques that you add to your garment just adds to its awesomeness. Stunning outfit!

  2. REALLY lovely, but then all that you sew is gorgeous & impeccably done! I followed your tutorial for bound buttonholes the other day, & managed to accomplish them fairly well! While they aren't absolutely perfect I know I'll eventually be able to pull them off with perfection with some practice! Thank you for the detailed steps & pictures!

  3. This is just so pretty! And so beautifully executed! I would love to see you in it.

  4. The collar and sleeve heads start the conversation, the waistline is the tantalizing gossip, and the skirt drifts off into a wide array of topics.

    Those buttons are the diction and punctuation, all rolled into one.

    How you out-do yourself, I'll never know.

    Awaiting the modeling shoot.

  5. Oh, this is stunning! Now I really want to see a vintage dress! I've seen blouses and skirts, but not dresses. A two piece dress sounds lovely(and practical)!

  6. Correction: sew and sewn, not see and seen!

  7. thanks for this - for some reason I never thought of doing bound button holes on a blouse, just jackets etc.