Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dogwood Blossoms

I wanted to make myself some lovely linen separates in a solid color.  That didn’t happen - mostly because a skirt like this takes so much darn fabric and I didn’t want to purchase anything new.  Hello, sewing room crammed to the rafters with fabric.

But I did have this lovely dogwood quilting cotton print.

I would not be averse to making this up again in a solid, should the right fabric come along . . .

But for now, I am quite pleased to run around in the heat in this cool cotton combo.

I have already worn the skirt paired with a vintage eyelet blouse, and I suspect the Smooth Sailing Blouse will also come in handy paired with any number of separates (a denim skirt, for example).

So I am going to call this project a success!

I am currently feeling somewhat disappointed over all of the summer sewing projects I did not manage to get done, and the weather is definitely beginning to turn.  Then again, it will be nice to pull some wool out of the stash.  So do I try to finish one or two more warm weather wearables, or do I head into Fall a bit early?  Only time will tell . . .  And those knitting needles are calling my name, so how is that for a distraction!


  1. What's your technique for hemming a skirt like this?

  2. What a pretty dress. My wife would love that dress. So would I!

  3. You did it again! Phenomenal! Thanks for modeling.