Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New Simplicity Patterns for Winter

On a whim, I clicked through to the Simplicity website last night, and there were new patterns!  I am not as excited about these as the last batch, but there are some vintage reproduction goodies.  This hat pattern, for instance, is pretty fabulous!  Sure, I would have rather seen hats from the 1930s or 1940s because I find the silhouettes a bit more interesting, but this pattern is really pretty special.  I just love that pointed hat silhouette!!

And once again, we have more apron pattern options.  These things must be super popular, because they keep producing them.  Don't get me wrong, this one is cute, but do we need another simple apron pattern in the collection?  I will be curious to see the appliqué pieces, which isn't something I recall being included with aprons . . . so maybe this is something new.

And here is another one.  This has the added oven mitt, which is super handy (I may actually want to make myself one of those!).  There is also a head scarf and selection of bags included.  I don't really understand the accessory combo here, but there is a lot included, so I suppose that's a good thing.  And now I really want a hand made oven mitt . . .

Here is another vintage reproduction from the 1950s.  The "simple to make" does not excite me, but this is a cute little nightgown.  I would rather have a dress or skirt, but at least Simplicity continues to share more vintage designs.

There is a skirt that I am interested in, just in the contemporary section of the catalog.  At first glance, I passed right over this one, but the shaped waistband with the center front buttons is very cute.

The lesson here is to always look at the technical drawings.  There is some good stuff here!  I am not really an asymmetrical skirt opening kind of girl, but there are a lot of nice options to be had in one pattern.

And to end with something cute, here is an adorable stuffed animal pattern.  I will never get around to making one of these, but they sure are cute!

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  1. Thank you for your pattern reviews; I do enjoy them.
    Is it my imagination, or do there seem to be a few Meghan Markle look-alike models around?

    1. Liz - my first thought when I noticed that model was, gosh, she looks a lot like Meghan Markle, and the skirt pattern is something her character on Suits would have worn.

  2. This is a very nice, interesting, and somewhat different blog. Thanks for maintaining it!

  3. Laura Mae, I swear the model at the bottom right hand corner of the hat pattern looks like you!

    I too am bemused with all the apron patterns being reproduced, I guess they don't need to be re-drafted to fit modern figures so are quite easy to reproduce in that respect. Shame, I also would much prefer more interesting garments.

  4. I love those nightgowns! The pattern doesn't seem to have made its way to Europe yet though :(